What’s the Aotuverse AOTU Solana NFT

What’s the Aotuverse AOTU Solana NFT

The global gaming industry continues to expand. Not just in terms of the market size, but also in terms of its scope. One of the newest gaming concepts, NFT gaming, represents a bold attempt to revolutionize the gaming experience as well as revenue models for players. 

Anime is also one of the most influential entertainment industries at the moment. One of the play-to-earn games currently being developed, Aotuverse, tries to use the best of both worlds – anime and crypto gaming. 

AOTU franchise

AOTU World anime

The Aotuverse game is built on ideas and characters from a famous Chinese anime called AOTU World. This world was created by gods who determine the destiny of the universe and the people, while people can’t change this but only obey the gods’ will.

However, the gods basically got bored and decided to organize a tournament at AOTU planet once every three years. As a reward, the winner of the contest wins the power that will make him or her capable of changing their own destiny.

AOTU World video game

Aotuverse is not the first game inspired by the Aotu world anime. In 2020, 7doc studios released AOTU World RPG, and the game was played by more than 140,000+ daily users. 

It was also downloaded more than 15 million times, making a great basis for any future AOTU-inspired video game. It was shut down in 2022, and practically made way for the new, play-to-earn version of AOTU, called Aotuverse.  

Aotuverse – an NFT game built on the Solana blockchain

What are NFT games?

Aotuverse is developed by Catheon Games and MultiMetaVerse. Both companies have substantial experience with the creative, technical, and monetary aspects of NFT gaming (also known as crypto gaming, blockchain gaming, or play-to-earn gaming). Thisautoverse solana nft game is one of the latest on the block! 

The Aotuverse game will be built on the Solana blockchain. The blockchain technology allows the use of the play-to-earn model based on the circulation of different crypto assets (NFTs, cryptocurrencies), and it also enables players to actually own their in-game items or characters and buy them or sell them. 

Moreover, players get rewards in cryptocurrencies for completing a quest, winning a battle, or topping the leaderboards.

Player-vs-environment mode (PVE)

You can play Aotuverse in two main modes: PVP (player vs. player) and PVE (player vs. environment). Both game modes follow the original AOTU story.

As for the PVE mode, the goal is quite simple – to win the tournament. You’ll get 4 characters and you need to lead them through a series of battles and challenges until the ultimate victory.

Player-vs-player mode (PVP)

You can also play against other players. In this mode, you can carry up to 8 characters, although you can use only 5 in a single battle. Creating the right lineup is crucial for winning in PVP mode.

It uses the ELO ranking system, with 8 different ranks. After each victory or loss players win or lose points, and their ranking, as well as their “league”, is decided based on the number of these points. Players who engage in PVP combat will always be matched up with a player of a similar ranking.

Play-to-earn dimension of the game

Apart from fun gameplay and a great story, one of the biggest appeals of Aotuverse is the fact that you can make crypto money in multiple ways.

First of all, some in-game items and over 50 characters are built as NFTs, which means players can sell them when the game becomes more popular and their value rises, or when they boost these items enough to increase their value themselves. Or they can just sell an NFT when they simply don’t want it anymore.

There are also two kinds of tokens players can earn. The first one is the Starstone token, which is a governance token, and the second one is Grey Token, which is a utility token. They can be used as an in-game currency to buy items or upgrade characters, but they also have value on the crypto exchange market.

Final thoughts

So if you wish to earn money by basically having fun, clearing game stages, and taking on new challenges, Aotuverse might just be the way to go. The alpha version of the game is coming out in just a couple of months, so stay tuned!

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