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What’s one way the Metaverse will affect our everyday lives?

Metaverse is supposed to have the potential that it can change everyday lives. It’s still developing so we can predict how it can change the world and how it impacts everyone’s life. There are a few ways by which it can affect our daily life. 

Virtual Healthcare and Education Change

Modern methods for maintaining our health will be made available via the metaverse. Virtual reality health assessments and treatment consultations are already available for consumers to access from anywhere to maintain excellent health. Additionally, surgeons can rehearse for surgery using digital twins, and some surgical procedures are guided by augmented reality technology. Additionally, I predict that the Metaverse will provide fascinating, immersive learning opportunities in the future for a variety of uses. Furthermore, children can study by transporting themselves to various courses and locations with the use of realistic VR and AR technology. The impact of the metaverse is already developing. Users are interested in this immersive experience and want to use an avatar to surf the internet or have it presented to them through an augmented reality Encounter.

 Erik Wright, Founder, and CEO, New Horizon Home Buyers

Virtual Real Estate Investing

Metaverse has opened new opportunities in real estate it enables real estate investing virtually. This includes buildings, virtual lands, and other virtual assets that hold value in these virtual economies. Investing in virtual real estate can be a great opportunity, but at the same time, it carries a high risk as the value of virtual assets can be volatile and is not backed by any physical assets.

Jordan Woolf, Founder, and CEO, We Buy Houses in Bama

Electromyograph (EMG)

In my view, electromyography (EMG) is another technological advancement that could contribute to the convincing presentation of the metaverse. EMG employs a sort of neural biofeedback that reads electrical activity from the muscles and converts it into action in the virtual environment. Previously, this technology had only been employed by neurologists who were interested in abnormalities in human movement. Enabling thought-only control of their virtual avatar will greatly enhance the immersion of the VR experience. Users might soon be doing experiments in their own homes thanks to Meta’s ongoing development of a wrist wearable for EMG.

Aaron Barsalou, Founder, and CEO, PsyclarityHealth


One such way where the metaverse can provide an immersive experience is shopping. As customers will be able to visualize and try the products from the comfort of their homes. This is also beneficial for both online and offline retailers as they can create virtual stores where shoppers can visit and try out different products.

Also, metaverse can implement AR technology. Through this, buyers can check whether the products they buy look good to them. After that, if they get satisfied they can buy that product.  

Jeff Tse, Founder, and CEO,  Laugh Tale Trade Limited

Help to Build Relationships

Regarding social interaction, the Metaverse provides an opportunity for people worldwide to connect and engage with one another. That can be especially beneficial for individuals who live in remote areas or have difficulty with physical mobility. From virtual events and games to virtual meetups and hangouts, the Metaverse offers a new and accessible way to socialize and build relationships.

Yasin Arafat, Founder and CEO, DOPPCALL


Entertainment stands to be greatly impacted by the Metaverse. Imagine attending virtual concerts and events or playing virtual reality games that offer an immersive and interactive experience. These new forms of entertainment have the potential to provide a more engaging and memorable experience than traditional forms of entertainment.

Musnad, Founder and CEO, SkyTech Solutions

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