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What’s New In Instagram’s Recent July Update 2023

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Since its inception, Instagram has been taking twists and turns to improve existing features. Not just that, many times in the course of 13 years, Instagram introduced a few new features. However, to go with the flow and implement the best side of each feature available on IG, you have to remain updated. This July 2023, IG rolled out some features that you need to know to make its fullest use. 

What is new on Instagram recently? 

Here is what is new to Instagram:

1. New application “threads” 

Instagram introduced a new app, Threads. It is where you can post, reply to posts (in the form of comments), and follow the profiles. Also, Threads is more or less like Twitter, an application where people share their thoughts and use the platform for micro-blogging. 

On Threads, you are allowed to reply in the form of links, images, and text. Interestingly, you can do a lot more. For example, you are able to follow like-minded profiles, check replies in the feed of your profile, etc. The privacy policy is pretty strong. All it takes to get on Threads is to get the Instagram application. As soon as you create a Threads account, Instagram automatically syncs it in the profile. 

2. Group profile on Instagram 

Instagram is trying to get a feature for us where a Group Profile can share stories, posts, pictures, reels, etc. This feature is a lot like Facebook groups, where selected profiles are added to make the most of the shared space. Remember, this feature is still in the pipeline and needs to be fully executed. It may take some time to reveal, but the best part is that it is being considered and has a high chance of getting in front of us. 

3. IG feed is free from advertisements 

Now, this was needed the most – no ads or suggested videos in the feed. As much as it calls for excitement, we still have a downside to this feature. You can enjoy the feed without ads and suggested videos, but when it comes to stories, ads will pop up out of nowhere. However, for infeed content, you can avoid seeing ads by doing the following drill. 

Step 1: Click on “Instagram,” a logo on the left side, top corner. 

Step 2: Now choose “Following”. 

4. Instagram map search 

Initially, you were not able to locate businesses, like restaurants, salons, churches, and mosques, in the app. After the update, with the use of “Instagram Map Search,” you are able to locate different places. Interestingly, maps are just like Google Maps and are used within the app. By far, this is the best feature to augment businesses. Other than location, you can use this feature to check prices and their public posts. For example, if you are in Australia and want to get more business contacts, pin the location and check which one has high Instagram reviews. Doing so will help you get more sales, revenues, ROI, etc. 

5. IG stories duration

Initially, Instagram used to allow 60 seconds of stories with cuts after every 15 seconds. It used to frustrate the consumer, the person consuming the content. But after the update, you can upload 60-second straight-up stories without any cuts in between. Now, we will be able to see stories without any glitch, break, or cut. It will be smoother and a better experience. 

6. Add several links to the Instagram bio 

As an Instagrammer, you will not need to use third-party paid software and apps to add more than one link in the IG bio. However, to make use of it, you have to follow the steps mentioned below. 

Step 1: Click on “Edit Profile.” 

Step 2: Once a set of options appears, press “Links.”

Step 3: You will be able to include links if you choose “Add External Links.”

Step 4: Since this feature is awe-inspiring, you can literally drag the links according to preference of appearance 

7. Videos are now called ‘reels’ 

Okay, this is the most interesting feature: Reels. In the past, reels were different, and videos shared were not reels. But after the update in July 2023, everything in the video format will be taken as Reels. Many Instagrammers will be furious and might not like the change because they have shared content in square form. But there is a solution to it – the steps mentioned below. 

Step 1: Create carousels that have an image

Step 2: You can select a video for the carousel, too

Step 3: Deselect pictures and share pictures as video clip 

Step 4: Your IG square posts will appear as video 

8. Profile is embedded 

Profiles were not allowed to embed with novelty. In 2023, Instagram allowed complete profiles in a cool way. By doing so, people are now able to showcase their creativity to influencers.

9. Scheduling posts made easy 

You will not need Hootsuite or any such websites to schedule posts in advance. It is because, after the latest update in 2023, you can use the scheduling feature within the application. There is a lot of ease and comfort attached to the feature. However, sharing content across different social media apps or platforms is still impossible. To activate the advanced scheduling feature, follow the steps mentioned below. 

Step 1: Create and post, and while doing that, click “Schedule” under “Advance Settings.” 

Step 2: Now pick the time to post your content

10. Hiding becomes possible on Instagram 

Instagram started hiding the number of likes in 2019. This means you could not see the exact number of likes, but now, you are given the choice to hide or reveal the total likes under a post. If you want to reveal the numbers, this is what you have to do: 

Step 1: Log in to the account and select any random post in your feed. 

Step 2: Now spot three dots somewhere in the right-hand side, top corner. 

Step 3: Then click “Hide Like Count” 

This will hide the likes count. But what if you want to get more likes? The easiest solution is to increase your Instagram followers for the targeted audience. 

11. Instagram story stickers 

Stickers were already there in the editing panel, but now, once the update has been done, we have more options. For example, shopping stickers, quiz stickers, mention stickers, music stickers, location stickers, poll stickers, donation stickers, customizable link ones, countdown stickers, etc., are there to be used by the content creators. 

12. Instagram algorithm in 2023 

In 2023, Instagram changed its algorithms slightly for the best user experience. Now, you can understand the popularity of a post by the key indicators (likes you get, geolocation of the post, the duration of the video). Algorithms are also changed by user interactions, how frequently the user interacts with the audience, the user’s engagement metrics, etc. 

Summing up 

We have mentioned almost everything that is updated in 2023. Some features are yet to surface and are not discussed much. We sincerely hope you will take advantage of the information in this blog and implement it in your existing profile.

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