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What’s Lurking in Your Ducts? Understanding Common Contaminants and How to Remove Them

Home sweet home is a common sign you see across many door entrances. But do you know your home might not be as sweet or safe for you? In fact, it can make you ill if not properly looked after. Among the many things in your home that require cleaning and maintenance, one of the most vital aspects is air duct cleaning. Clogged ductwork can promote poor air quality making it unhealthy for you to breathe and live in. Children, the sensitive the allergy-prone can easily fall in unless you engage the best duct cleaning Melbourne service experts.

HVAC unit re-circulates the air inside your home several times in the day, As the air passes through the air ducts, the air leaves polluting residues, dander, and dust. These collect in the ducts and get back into your rooms, making you breathe this air. To prevent respiratory issues that may turn serious, especially in winter months, you have to ring in dryer vent cleaning Melbourne professionals to restore better indoor air in your rooms.

Contaminants in your air ducts

Dust, debris, and pet dander: An average home produces several pounds of dust yearly. These contaminants and pollutants move in the air, settle on surfaces in your home, and get inside the inside of your ductwork. Every time you on your air conditioner, it blows dust back in the air. Dirty ducts make things impossible and dusty and all your dusting attempts seem useless. Dust mites breed inside dirty air ducts that are full of pet hair and dander accumulated over time. These mites trigger asthma in humans.

Mold: Humidity aids mold growth. If your air ducts have moisture then you have the potential of molds in your air ducts. It’s a common occurrence during sultry humid months. They cause a lot of health problems like breathing discomfort, skin rashes, headaches, fatigue, mental fog, and dizziness. If you spot mold inside your ducts, immediately book a request with the best duct cleaning Melbourne service providers.

Insects and rats: Rats gain access to your ventilation unit by entering through the attic. They make holes in the tubing that supplies air. You end up breathing their dropping and fur that harbor pathogens. Also if they die inside your ducts, you might be inhaling toxic gases and germs from their dead carcass.

Signs that indicate you need air duct cleaning

Often the best suggestions and tips come out from the air duct cleaning technicians or air conditioning unit servicemen. A few signs are-

  • You simply do not remember when the last time your air ducts were cleaned
  • You find insects crawling in and out of air registers
  • A dust cloud emanates every time you switch on your system
  • Strange noise that comes out each time you switch on or off the HVAC unit
  • Musty or unpleasant smell that refuses to go
  • Uneven heating or cooling zones across the rooms
  • High energy bills
  • Check for the presence of rats

You might also try unscrewing your duct covers or vent and check for any water leaks or mold development. When you spot something that looks like mold or mildew, you need to confirm by calling professionals with technical acumen as major part of the air duct system is concealed. You have to call in experts to check air ducts for inspection.

Is air duct cleaning needed?

Of course, air duct cleaning eliminates accumulated contaminants. These contaminants are re-circulated into your homes. They increase incidences of respiratory troubles. So duct cleaning will remove these allergens and minimize asthma and other respiratory discomforts. Best duct cleaning Melbourne service providers also prolong the life of your HVAC unit.

Dryer vent cleaning Melbourne experts will remove contaminants from your heating system. Contaminants force your HVAC unit to work harder and this consumes more electricity which in turn raises energy bills and exposes the system to wear and tear which if aggravated can cause system breakdown. Imagine your plight in height of winter your heater goes dead or in height of summer your cooling unit malfunctions.

At what intervals is air duct cleaning necessary?

Industry experts consider air duct cleaning once every 3-5 years. But certain conditions call for more frequent cleaning like-

  • If you move into a new place or construct a new home
  • Have pets at home which means dander and fur
  • You have just done a renovation at home

How to prevent air ducts from getting contaminated?

Once you call the dryer vent cleaning Melbourne service providers to clean your air ducts, your HVAC becomes more efficient consuming less electricity. To avoid future contamination, here are a few handy tips you can follow-

Replace air filters frequently: By periodic changing of your air filters minimize contaminants in your air ducts from building up. This is needed to increase the efficiency of your ductwork as filters block minute particles.

Check for any leaks in your air ducts: Ensure through professional help that your air ducts are not moist or leaky. Humidity and moisture in your ducts are dangerous and can trigger the growth of bacteria and mold that causes many health symptoms and allergies.

Have periodic checks of your air conditioning system: avoid servicing your machines only when something breaks down. To get the best out of your system maintaining the HVAC unit and air ducts is an absolute must.

How the pros clean your air ducts?

Am sure you are wondering how air duct cleaning happens. Well, experts do it in a step-wise way-

Inspection: This ascertains the extent to which air ducts need cleaning. They might drill holes to see and then later seal them. They would also check for leaks or cracks that might need attention that may create trouble during cleaning

Remove contaminants:  Using a powerful truck-mounted vacuum-authorized duct cleaner will remove pollutants. Also, handheld vacuums may be used.

Cleaning inside: Motorized or manual brushes will next be used to clean the inside of pipes, loosening dust and debris. The vacuum sucks out all loosened particles. The professionals might have to enter your attic or crawl space to get to all vents and pipes to be able to do a complete cleanup.

Finally, they do a cleaning of the heating or cooling unit. Then everything is sealed back up and the vent covers are cleaned as well.

The health of your HVAC depends on the health of your air ducts. While you all wish to be in comfortable settings, we have to understand that for a seamless experience with our HVAC units, regular checking and inspection are vital to their well-being and our healthy living.

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