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What’s It Like to Have 100k Likes on TikTok?

Getting famous on TikTok is either hard, or it just takes one video to go viral overnight. Some experts say to upload a TikTok at a certain time while some suggest a specific niche, but the truth is no one has cracked the algorithm to get instantly viral on the platform. 

The only key to success on TikTok is being consistent and making quality videos, and who knows, one of your videos may hit 100k likes. 100k is a huge number for someone who has less than 1k likes. We’ve seen people with 100k+ likes, and below is the list of perks they enjoy. 

9 Successive Steps to 100k likes on TikTok

Being popular on TikTok takes you to heights of success within days. Getting 100k likes on TikTok is something to celebrate because you’re opening up too much of everything.


1. Double Visibility

When your video gets a lot of likes, it is because it was seen on the FYP (For You Page). TikTok throws some of your own videos on FYP, and if they’re according to the public’s taste, you start getting likes. This will make your account seen by millions of people.

2. More Following

Seeing the number of your likes, any user will want to follow you. Users usually follow those accounts that have a good number of followers or likes. It is very unlikely that an account with fewer followers and likes will get highlighted. 

3. Monetization

With 100k likes on TikTok, you may become eligible for TikTok Creator’s Fund. This allows you to earn money on your videos. You can also pass the criteria of Brand Partnership by TikTok.

4. Collaboration Opportunities

When your TikTok account grows, you may get collaboration requests from different brands, companies, and famous TikTokers. The other content creators may want to do a duet with you, while the companies will ask for partnering. A single collab video may give half of 100k likes on TikTok.

5. Increased Engagement

Seeing a hike in engagement is obvious when you get 100k likes on TikTok. When you see engagement increasing, the next thing you’ll notice is skyrocketing shares, comments, and even duets. This will bring more likes and followers.

6. Social Proof

If you ever dreamt of becoming an influencer, a TikTok account with 100k likes will definitely validate anyone. Such a number of likes will show your credibility and influence on the public. It will also aid in establishing any niche you like – what we mean to say is that you can become the next trendsetter.

With a loaded TikTok account, you have the potential to create a strong social impact on the world. You can raise awareness about important global issues, bring positive change in the world, and raise funds for a valid cause.

7. Original Feedback

Having an account of 100k TikTok likes means that people like you. They’ll start to love you and give you feedback on how you can improve video quality. In this way, you get free feedback without any effort.

8. Networking Opportunities

A TikTok account with 100k followers can attract like-minded content creators who share the same thoughts and ideas. This may inspire you to develop more polished ideas that could revolutionize your approach and set you apart from your competitors.

9. Fame and Recognition

Fame and recognition are guaranteed after getting 100k TikTok likes. You can become a hot-shot within the TikTok community, and soon, you’ll be getting invites at public and local community events.


How to join TikTok’s Creator Fund?

To join TikTok’s creator fund, you have to pass the following criteria.

  • You have to be at least 18 years of age
  • You should have at least 10,000 followers
  • You should have at least 100,000 video views in the last 30 days.

How many likes does TikTok pay you?

Your videos should have more than 50,000 likes to get paid by TikTok.


When you get 100k likes on TikTok, consider yourself lucky and honor the milestone. It can be a truly game-changer. Getting these likes is not easy; you have to be super creative and consistent. After surpassing this milestone, doors to opportunities open for you. You get to have a voice that influences people, and this will flock users to your account. Plus, it’s a great feeling to know that hundreds and thousands of people like your content.

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