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What You Should Know Before Purchasing Blackout Curtains?

Blackout Curtains

The ultimate objective is to select blackout curtains that are both aesthetically pleasing and practical, whether you need them to block out light in your bedroom or media room. Blackout curtains are excellent for blocking out light from the outside, preserving your circadian rhythm.

According to science, your body sleeps more effectively under lower light. Sleeping in a place where intense light disturbs you might deceive your brain into believing that it is sunlight, making sleep difficult. Let’s know more about Blackout curtains in detail.

What Are Blackout Curtains?

The double-lining of blackout curtains is constructed of finely woven cloth. This material is often heavier and thicker than other room-darkening window coverings and filters out up to 99.9% of light and UV rays. Blackout curtains will darken your room as long as they are placed properly, with no holes to allow light through.

Things To Know Before Purchasing Blackout Curtains

Custom Blackout curtains provide a few additional advantages outside just blocking out light, such as lowering noise pollution and shielding your home’s interior from solar damage. Let’s know about the things to know before purchasing blackout soundproof curtains:

  • The fabric of the blackout curtains

High-quality blackout curtains are often composed of sturdy, thick fabric that is difficult for sunlight to penetrate. Curtains made of lighter or semi-transparent textiles shouldn’t be purchased. They could be able to block some light, but they won’t be as effective as thick, high-quality fabrics. The thicker and denser the material, the more light it shields. The finest fabrics for blackout curtains are often polyester or microfiber. There are various combinations as well, including cotton and polyester.

  • Check to see if they need a lot of maintenance or not.

You are undoubtedly aware that not all blackout window coverings are constructed from the same material. Of course, since they were all produced differently, they all need various maintenance practices. If you believe that all curtains, especially blackout curtains, need the same cleaning procedure, you are mistaken. So, this is the second necessary artifact from the list of seven things to consider before purchasing blackout curtains.

Some of the blackout drapes may be machine cleaned in cold water since they are composed of lightweight fabric, like cotton. 

  • Color selection

Blackout drapes do not need to be that color. In reality, there are innumerable hues of this sort of window treatment, each of which can affect the artificial light in your room in a different way. Consider the outcome you desire when selecting a color.

Even if you’re attempting to block out the light, you could yet like a bright yellow color for its upbeat feel. Additionally, white blackout curtains are a fantastic choice for both darkening and lighting up your room.

  • Cost Is Significantly More Than Regular Curtains

If you plan to get blackout curtains for your house and believe that you can obtain them for a comparably affordable price as the other curtains. As you are aware, these incredible window treatments are, of course, intended for certain objectives, such as to darken the space, regulate the temperature, conserve energy, and give your home a posh appearance.

Given all of their advantages, they come at a price that is much more than that of ordinary curtains, which typically fall short of your needs. These basic drapes won’t provide you with any privacy, won’t block the light, and won’t quiet the room down. 

  • Creating Blackout Curtains Out Of Existing Curtains

By adding blackout liners, you may also make your room-darkening curtains that can be hung on a double rod or fastened to an existing rod. There are white window liners available, giving your windows a cohesive appearance from the street.

Another excellent choice for obstructing light, especially on smaller windows, is blackout blinds and shades. For the most effective light-blocking, use an inside mount.

  • Installation Tips

The greatest place to use blackout curtains is in a room that gets a lot of natural light. Two logical places are the living room and the bedroom. Thick drapes may block out all light throughout the day and provide complete darkness when you want to unwind or sleep. Blackout curtains are also ideal for providing total solitude and attenuating outside noise if your rooms front of a street.

The Bottom Line

We all know that the body needs sleep to function properly. Your decision on a blackout curtain will be influenced by your tastes, finances, and practicality. Before you head out to buy blackout window coverings, you must be aware of the following requirements. To avoid regretting your choice later, it is advised to first determine all of your requirements before making your window treatment selection.

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