What You Should Know about Proton Saga 2022?

Proton is a Malaysian automobile company which produces the vehicles, and meets the requirements of people. This company was founded in 1980, and its headquarter is located in Subang Jaya, Malaysia. 

Proton Saga was first introduced in 1985, and this vehicle is making progress for more than three decades. Now, Proton Saga 2022 in on its way to continue the progress of its previous sisters.

Overview of Proton Saga 2022

Proton Saga 2022 is the cheapest car in Malaysia that you could buy. This car utilizes the 1.3-lite engine, which is paired to either 4-speed automatic or 5-speed manual. Its rival is Perodua Bezza, which with these features, is expensive, and is not people’s choice car.


There are many more features in this car regarding everything, but here we are going to elaborate some of them.



There are different grills in the new Proton Saga 2022. This car has  a new front  and rear bumper. Moreover, there is a new boot lid garnish. In short, the design of this car is extremely fascinating. 

There are upgraded disk brakes in the new Proton Saga. Moreover, this car is not only cheaper than its rival, but also bigger. So, this car is a better choice.


The length of this vehicle is 4,331 mm, the width is 1,689 mm, and the height of this vehicle is 1,491 mm. The wheelbase is 2,465 mm.

Depending on its dimensions, it is longer and wider than Perodua Bezza. 


The main change that has been made to the new Proton Saga 2022 is the repositioning of air-cond vents, and now placed lower to 7-inch touch screen infotainment. The material used for seats is very comfortable, and passengers sit comfortably. And the material used is waterproof.

There are many functions on steering like volume control and much more. This gives ease to the drivers, and the setting could be adjusted. However,  this setting is not available in its rivals. There is bright illumination in the cabin. In short, this car is spacious than Perodua Bezza, and there are more comfortable seats in it. 

Infotainment System

The infotainment system is just beyond the expectation with 4 speakers that give you a bass voice. You could enjoy the music on the go. Moreover, the audio quality of this car is far better than any other budget car of the same price. 

Safety Features 

There is an electronic stability control for your safety. There are also airbags in the car. 


This car is a fuel efficient, and considered to be better when it comes to fuel efficiency. The engine is 1.3-litre, and produces 95 PS at 5,750 rpm. It produces torque of 120 Nm at 4,000 rpm.

Performance of Proton Saga 2022

This car is better than Perodua Bezza from every side. This budget car could reach 0-100 Km in just 14.6 seconds, and 100-0 Km in just 18.8 seconds.

The driving of this car is better than its rival, and this car runs very smoothly. Great safety system, and there is much space in it, which makes it preferable. This vehicle is really a better choice for the drivers.


There is a great comfort for the drivers and passengers. There is big legroom and shoulder room for the passengers, and they could sit easily there. The rear seats are angled in a such way that this vehicle gives a comfortable ride to the passengers.

Fuel Consumption 

Fuel Consumption

The biggest weakness in the previous model was not being much fuel efficient. This problem is solved, and   Proton Saga 2022 is much fuel efficient. 

On highways, the fuel consumption is 5.5-litre per 100 Km, but driving in the city increases to 8-litre per 100 Km. 


This vehicle has solved many previous weaknesses as fuel consumption. This car is better than its rival from every point of view. The   of this car is also much fascinating.

The new Proton Saga 2022 comes exactly in accordance with the human centric philosophy. There is much space in leg and shoulder room to provide the passengers with a great ease. The overall performance of this car is far better, which makes it preferable, and it ensures its good future.


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