What You Should Know About Cars Before Buying Your First

Buying a car for the first time

Buying a car for the first time shouldn’t be taken lightly. Sure it’s a normal part of life, but thanks to just how expensive it is, you shouldn’t rush to get your first model! But whether you’re buying a car just for yourself or you’ve got a family you need to safely ferry around too, you need to know a few things about being a car owner. Here are four top things to keep in mind when you’re shopping around for the right vehicle. 

Secondhand is Usually as Good as New

If you want to have a brand new car to call your own, it might be best to go for last year’s model instead. OIder cars litter second hand dealerships, and you can get a great deal with any one of them. As long as it’s preowned, it’ll be half the price but still run just as well! You can slash the budget by at least 25% and put that money towards long term maintenance or fuel prices. 

You Can Do Many Repairs Yourself

If you’re worried about having to visit a mechanic every five minutes, good news! You can learn to do a lot of the repairs yourself. When you know how to swap out a tyre and secure wheel nuts, as well as check on a dodgy engine and see where it’s going wrong, you’ll save a lot of money on the yearly maintenance. You can even replace the exhaust system yourself if need be – just make sure you’ve got just the right part, and always check the manual beforehand! 

Always Go for a Test Drive

Test drives are great for ensuring you’re getting a car that’s capable of doing what the dealer says it can. You can never be sure without one; cars are great at looking good while being older or more thoroughly used than the seller claims. So get behind the wheel and go for a short spin – how does it feel to handle? Do you feel comfortable? And does it feel like a newer car that’s exactly what it says on the tin? You need to be confident behind the wheel, so take your time. 

Know What the Paperwork Should Look Like

Then it’s time to go over the paperwork. There are a lot of rules around selling used cars, and depending on where you are in the world, it’s best to do your own research. But as a general rule, you’ll need to see the title and recent maintenance records. You’re also perfectly allowed to ask further questions about the lifetime and condition of the car, which the seller can back up with the relevant paperwork if necessary. And if you don’t feel good about the answers you get, choose a different car to buy!

If you want to buy your first car and get a good deal, do a bit of research into cars first. Buying the wrong model can be a very expensive mistake to make. 

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