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What you need to know to create your business card

Business cards are here to stay in the business world. They are a very useful communication tool to publicize your brand, and your services and make contacts. In fact, today, networking is not understood without having your business cards ready to distribute among those who interest you. 

Being an element of corporate communication and brand image, you should think very carefully about how you are going to make your professional business card. Keep in mind that, above all, its design must convey the values, philosophy, and personality of your brand. You should be aware of the commercial font being used.

Therefore, it must be consistent with all the elements and factors that surround it, as well as the way the brand communicates with both its target audience and its partners. 

In addition to transmitting what your business communicates, it must also have an attractive, clear, and effective design, so that the person who has picked it up remembers who gave it to them or when they took it. 

How to make a professional business card

To make an attractive and effective professional business card, you first have to consider what elements you should include in it including the font foundry. Once you’re clear on the data and how to clearly organize it, you’ll move on to design creativity. 

Let’s see what data cannot be missing on your professional business card: 

– Name of the business. 

– Your position and your name. 

– Contact: telephone and email. 

– Website and a social network account. Here the website becomes more important than, for example, an Instagram account. However, there are many businesses where the image takes precedence enormously and in which social networks take on great importance to make you known and promote your brand. This is the case in the interior design sector or tattoo studios. Thus, our advice is that if your business has a lot of activity on social networks, do your best to make room for your profile when designing your card. 

– Address, if you have it.

Depending on your needs, you can get rid of some of the data as long as it is not the name of the company, your name and surname, position, mobile phone, and email. Keep in mind that your brand should be the center of your professional business card design. Therefore, on one side the design will go with the company logo, and on the back the rest of the data, normally.

And if you have some trouble unleashing your creativity, you can always turn to free digital design tools that offer business card templates that you can reinvent to make them totally original and attractive. 

There are multiple designs with which you can create your cards. And thanks to advances in digital printing, many creative ideas can now be brought to life. 

For example, there is a trend that is quite popular and that is to print the elements in relief. As we can also find translucent business cards, in different shapes, cut-outs, with added elements, or even stamp cards. 

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