What You Need to Know About SafeMoon 2022 Price Direction Before You Invest in

SafeMoon’s price trend in 2022 is a downward one. The highest price in the first four months of 2022 was in early January when the price was $0.000002394, and the price started at five decimal places. Since then, SafeMoon’s price has been declining, with prices starting at six decimal places.

However, although SafeMoon’s price was in a downward direction in general during these four months, 3 important moments changed the price direction and there were brief upward spikes.

SafeMoon SWAP Lists New Token Pawthereum

The price of SafeMoon suddenly shot up to $0.000004711 on March 16, for the first time in almost three months. This is because SafeMoon SWAP listed a new token, Pawthereum, but the price started to fall after less than a day.

SWAP Seeding Is Now in Progress

The second spike in SafeMoon price came shortly after on March 28, when the SafeMoon team announced that SWAP Seeding is now in progress. This announcement helped the token’s price rise to $0.0000051. This time the price increase was much higher than the previous fluctuations. However, its high price didn’t last long either.

SafeMoon Card Issuance

The launch of the SafeMoon Card was also the third price increase in the first four months of 2022. The price of the token rose to $0.0000014 on April 10, which lasted less than a day and attracted a lot of potential investors.

According to an official release from the SafeMoon team, the card will be similar to a VISA card, except that it will be used to trade cryptocurrencies. In addition to this, the card will also exist virtually, allowing the cryptocurrency to be used for real-life purchases, etc. 

The official SafeMoon team had over 10,000 registered users in less than 32 minutes after announcing the project. The project of converting cryptocurrency into fiat currency seems to be very marketable, however, some investors think it is a new style of hype for SafeMoon.

The above three project-related moves prompted three upward price swings for SafeMoon in the first four months of 2022. However, none of them lasted long enough to start falling again. As seen on the international cryptocurrency exchange, the price of SafeMoon was $0.0000005343 at the time of writing, having increased by 6.28% in 24 hours.

SafeMoon token prices are basically in a downward state in 2022, so please consider carefully if you want to invest.

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