What You Need to Know About the New Microsoft Endpoint Manager Preview

MEM is something other than a rebranding of SCCM and Intune. It’s another cloud console and administration which presents your executed gadgets, regardless of whether they’re commanded exclusively by SCCM and whether they even have web connectivity. The constant in Information Technology is changing, and it’s getting quicker. It looks like we understood virtualizing armadas of servers and now it’s tied in with shifting those VMs from on-premises to the cloud, or even better, supplant them with SaaS and PaaS administrations. By SCCM Training, System Center Configuration Manager (SCCM) was known as Systems Management Server (SMS) in the last part of the ’90s. It’s altering again, Microsoft is previewing Endpoint Manager (MEM), its third interpretation of linking SCCM with the force of the cloud.

With regards to handling the gadgets (Windows PCs and servers) in a medium to huge undertaking there’s the ancient method, SCCM sent with its related framework of servers, data sets and dissemination focuses which you need to keep up,  and the advanced way, Mobile Device Management (MDM). This is utilized for overseeing cell phones (iOS, Android) and while not giving the top to bottom lockdown of thousands of settings, it is cloud-based and more fit to an advanced work environment approach.

Endpoint Manager

MEMs are handled by Intune and have never seen an on-premises server, or surely in the event that they’re co-handled by both SCCM and Intune. All of your gadgets in a single console that likewise gives admittance to different administrations that total the cutting edge gadget story, for example, Desktop Analytics, Windows Autopilot and the new Technology and Productivity scores. Neither Intune or SCCM are disappearing notwithstanding. Intune is as yet the cloud administration motor that deals with every one of your gadgets, though with another console, once called as DMAC “Device Management Admin Console,” presently known as Endpoint Manager console. Furthermore, SCCM is the edge processing foundation of your MEM arrangement, handling data transmission over your WAN connections/Internet pipes and other on-premises undertakings. 


Microsoft provided the Intune association site framework part of SCCM; that arrangement was restricted in scope and has since been resigned. The new arrangement, accessible a few years at this point, is co-management, where your gadgets can be handled by both SCCM and Intune and you can continuously move workload for various administrations from SCCM to Intune. This has been portrayed by Microsoft in the past as an extension, however at Ignite 2019 this message was altered to either a scaffold or an objective, implying that you can keep on utilizing SCCM for certain administrations uncertainly if that is the thing that your business requires, while as yet exploiting the advantages of MEM. Co-administration provides you Conditional Access (identity based assurance for admittance to your on-premises and cloud administrations, for example Zero-Trust), Autopilot arrangement, and the capacity to handily execute wandering gadgets that are not available to the corporate organization. 


From an authorizing perspective, on the off chance that you have SCCM licenses, you can include MEM for dealing with your Windows 10 gadgets with no extra permit cost. In case you will utilize MEM to oversee iOS and Android gadgets, you’ll require authorization for those. 

From a specialized perspective, it’s actually straightforward: Just perform a tenant join. Dissimilar to co-administration where gadgets should be taken a crack at Intune just as have the SCCM specialist sent, this is basically associating your SCCM servers to MEM in the cloud. It affects the new console just as Desktop Analytics, Microsoft Defender ATP integration, and the new Technology and Productivity score. In practice (MEM is as yet in review) there are numerous assignments you’ll actually do in the SCCM console, Microsoft’s previously focused persona for MEM is a helpdesk expert who can view data about a gadget that is just overseen by SCCM in the MEM console.


The half part of the travel from classic to current administration is OS deployment. Generally IT offices would take new gadgets obtained from an OEM with Windows Pro preinstalled, wipe those gadgets and convey their own, tweaked Windows picture. This needs gathering right drivers for all the distinctive equipment platforms and overseeing and keeping up various pictures, and a ton of manual work and upkeep. Autopilot has been there for around for a couple of years and implies that when you purchase new gadgets from an OEM, they (or your wholesaler) register their special hardware IDs with your business so when those gadgets are begun for the absolute first time, the ordinary OEM Windows 10 arrangement experience is altered to your organization strategy. No custom picture is needed; the pre-introduced Windows 10 Pro is naturally updated to Enterprise/Education; the gadget is MDM selected; the client is certifiably not a local administrator on the gadget; and any extra approaches you need are sent down to the gadget. The MEM console will be the new place for executing Autopilot. 

Desktop Analytics

It is a cloud administration that has been around for a brief period (supplanting Windows Analytics) which assists you with reviewing your Windows gadgets and their OS form and fabricate pilot teams in deployment intended to carry out the following version of Windows 10 too. It additionally investigations your application portfolio and assists you with compatibility confirmation by collecting information from every one of your gadgets. Some huge organizations have enhanced their rollout seasons of new Windows 10 forms by 4x by depending on information driven choices and the AI based bits of knowledge given by Desktop Analytics. 

Microsoft windows Technology and Productivity Score

Technology and Productivity Score

Most IT divisions depend on help desk measurements for this knowledge, yet it’s a lethargic and costly sign where it can require days for IT to get a handle on the size of an issue. Furthermore, clients frequently “endure peacefully.” The new Technology score administration in MEM will provide IT execution and dependability information from all gadgets, with examination giving ideas to improve boot times (supplant HDDs with SSD, fix specialists that hinder start up and modify GPOs that set aside a long time to process). It’ll likewise permit you to make (or adjust from the local area) PowerShell scripts with remediations for specific issues which your help desk would operate. Productivity score is about how your clients are embracing new innovation and really executing it currently (utilizing Teams to share documents as opposed to emailing attachments for example). 

Microsoft Productivity score

MEM productivity

MEM will be the new place for other endpoint administrations, for example, the new cloud-based Bitlocker management administration. In the event that you have a huge deployment of Windows PCs you’re most likely utilizing Microsoft Bitlocker Administration and Monitoring (MBAM) and both Intune and SCCM can be used for this current workload. Device Firmware Configuration Interface (DFCI)is used for refreshing and dealing with the UEFI firmware on gadgets utilizing MEM. Most organizations try not to redesign firmware across their gadgets as it’s diverse for each OEM, utilizing various devices just as being tedious. DFCI vows to lighten this across producers (when they get on the DFCI train). 


Microsoft Endpoint Manager is a fascinating interpretation of carrying the force of cloud computing to SCCM and furthermore bringing Intune, SCCM and servicenow much closer together.To be specific, Servicenow adopts the cloud environment in order to automate the business operations to a great extent. However to gain deep insights of the latest trends in the cloud platforms one should focus on an intuitive learning process, and one such adoptable technology is servicenow.With the help of servicenow training companies could get benefited a lot and drive generous results as well. In order  to perceive the amount of the rich usefulness of SCCM consoles will be moved to MEM throughout the next few years.

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