What you Need to Know about Commuter Electric Scooters and IP Ratings

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An electric scooter or an electrical machine can be extremely damaged because of water. The reason could be rain or any other interaction with water or other debris. Mostly batteries, wiring, and motors of the e-scooters with suspension get damaged quickly. The quality of your electrical transport matters a lot because a low or no IP rating should be considered an important point at any cost as they have no protection against water or any other damage.

Electric Scooter

Nowadays, electric scooter for adults, for instance, Varla Scooters, have some water resistance or at least better IP ratings to protect the bike from wet conditions. There is no such invention yet that can make an scooter electric completely waterproof, but companies are giving their best to make their fat tire motor scooters waterproof for electric scooter adult’s ease.

Apart from wet conditions, IP rating can also protect your scooter electric from suspension and other debris such as mud, grime, dusty and rocky particles, etc. Many of the manufacturers are specifying an IP rating, so the riders should know that how to protect their e-bikes from certain liquids and solids. Make sure to ride your bike slowly during wet conditions, as slippery roads can lead to some other mishaps.

Can you Ride an Electric Scooter in the rain?

E-bikes, for instance, Varla Eagle One and Varla Eagle One Pro, have an IP rating of IP45, which allows your bike to ride in the rain safely. Check the IP rating of your desired adult size electric scooter regarding their protection against water, dust, and other debris that can come in contact with your bike on daily bases.

Although, all the e-transports are tested for their resistance against rain, but you should check your scooter’s company policies to confirm if it’s safe for wet weather or not. Try to avoid riding your commuter scooter with suspension in extreme rain; however, a quick ride during some light sprinkles would be completely fine. As discussed previously, slippery roads in wet weather can lead to other accidental problems.

 What are IP Ratings?

‘Ingress Protection’ or ‘International Protection’, is related to the protection of electronic devices from debris and water. IP rating was established by IEC, in order to summarize all the grading regarding their protection.

We all are aware of the fact that all the electronic devices, specifically electric scooter for adults, have batteries, wires, motors, and switches, which can malfunction or be damaged when contacted with water or dust particles. This rating was developed to enlighten the consumers regarding the capability of the device to withstand dust and liquids. It is graded from 1-6 levels for solid objects, whereas 1 indicates little protection and 6 denotes complete protection from all kinds of dust and other debris.

The second digit indicates the product’s ability to tolerate and protect itself from liquids. In the criteria, 0 indicates no protection while 9 indicates the protection against some dangerous and massive exposures, for instance, due to high pressure or temperature.

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What are Water Resistant and Waterproof?

Well, waterproof and water resistant are two extremely different terms, but most the people mix them up. They both clearly describe the fluid penetration with electrical or other devices. These two terms are interchangeably used by people, but they have some clear differences. Keep reading this article to know about them.  

Water resistance refers to a physical barrier that prevents the entry of water or any liquid into the device. A high-quality manufacturers use a thin layer on these devices or more specifically on their sensitive components for their protection.

On the other hand, waterproofing is a higher level of protection. Moreover, there is yet to be an scooter electric that is waterproof or meets the description of waterproof. A waterproof device can withstand any interaction with liquid for an unlimited period of time. No matter how much rain and water or puddles it is facing.

Almost all the motor scooters can provide protection against water for a limited period of time, and manufacturers usually advise the riders to avoid prolonged exposure to all kinds of liquids. Make sure to follow all the guidance given by the manufacturers regarding the resistance criteria to avoid any inconvenience in the future.

Electric Scooter IP Rating Chart

The IP rating is extremely important, as it tells about the capability of electrical devices to protect them from liquid or solid debris. In order to provide you with some information regarding the IP rating of a fat tire electric scooter, here is a chart that is summing up all the requirements and information you should know:

IP Rating Riding Conditions
None Some resistance against water, but only partially guaranteed. Prevent it in wet weather.
IPX4 Riding on wet ground or in light rain would be fine.
IPX5 Resistant against light, constant rains, or even in puddles.
IP34 Tolerance against dusty, rocky roads as well as wet grounds with light or infrequent rain.
IP54 Occasionally in off-roading
IP55 Can ride during constant or light rain.
IP67 All terrain; constant heavy rain, puddles, rocky and dusty roads.

Choose a Waterproof Electric Scooter for You

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Waterproof e-scooters are surely a protective feature electric scooter adult should consider, especially if electric scooter adult lives in an area with lots of puddles or extended rainfall. But keep in mind that a scooter with a guaranteed complete waterproof feature doesn’t exist yet.

Many of the manufacturers, for instance, Varla Scooters are working their best to provide you with a fast electric scooter with high resistance to make your riding experience better, even in heavy rainfall and exposure to light. Varla Eagle One and Varla Eagle One Pro are the motor scooter with a fat tire that gives high water resistance.

A high-quality water-resistant feature will seal your battery area, have rubber grips, and a pneumatic fat tire electric scooter that will give protection against all the exposure from this wet weather. However, don’t be misguided by the term “waterproof” because here, it essentially refers to some sort of resistance against water depending on the IP rating it has.

Final Thoughts

Keep in mind that there are no electrical scooters that are 100% waterproof, but the IP rating and their knowledge are extremely important against its protection from water and other debris. Varla Scooters guarantee you to provide high quality adult size electric scooters such as Varla Eagle One and Varla Eagle One Pro with high water and debris resistance to make your riding experience even better.

Make sure that if you are riding your e-bike in the rain, so implement some extra precautions to protect your battery and motor from water and any other dusty or rocky particles.

We hope that this article will guide you about IP rating and electric scooter for adults, and in the future, you are surely going to consider all the factors regarding the IP rating and water resistance capacity of your desired bike.

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