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What Types of Business Software are Helpful for Large Businesses?


All businesses, whether large or small, need software to help automate complex processes that are time-wasting and costly. For large businesses, the need for such software is even more demanding. There are certain aspects of your business where work can be made more efficient with the aid of a software, helping you gain a strong edge over your competitors. Some of the software are applicable in:

  • Audit management
  • Training management
  • Quality management
  • Issue management
  • Total Quality management

Harrington Group International is at the forefront of providing excellent software that gives positive results in each of the aforementioned aspects of your business. Their business solutions are:

1) Audit Management Software – Audit Master

Audit Master is an easy-to-use Audit management software for creating and managing audits and maintaining surveillances. It is highly customizable to suit your terminologies and its included ISO 9001:2015 compliance standards aids for a smoother and more efficient certification process.

This software gives well-detailed performance reviews, allowing managers or team leaders to work on both immediate and long term solutions to the problems. Another great feature of this software is that it creates corrective actions to take, which can be individually assigned.

Audit Master makes the job easier by archiving results and findings, then providing such historical data when needed. This helps teams learn from past experiences, and ultimately improve in their work. The software can be used in-house or externally to audit other enterprises.

It helps schedule your audits, assign tasks to people, and keep track of their progress as a group or as an individual. It also creates a checklist for each job, which shows whether each item has passed or failed, and has an in-built calendar to remind you of deadlines and tasks, which constantly keep you or your team on track.

The software is dedicated to making your auditing process as simple as possible, and even has HTML Help to guide you through the process of using the software.

2) Training Management Software – Training Manager 

Training Manager is a Training management software developed by HGI (Harrington Group International), intending to simplify the employee training management process. It is a cost-effective software with great features that ensure accurate training records, easy employee database management, and effective training programs and schedules.

Its simple user interface helps you locate, update, and cross-reference employee training information, thereby keeping everyone in the information loop. With its design, employees’ certifications and qualifications can be monitored to keep you aware of upcoming expirations. Also, with its effective data management, training programs can be scheduled in a manner that would not hurt jobs at hand. 

This software provides a fantastic database organization, where you can input and track employee data based on roles or job functions. Training Manager keeps the process simple and well organized. It also prevents overwhelming you with data, as its advanced filters provide you with fast and efficient searches. 

3) Quality Management Software – HQMS Software

HQMS Quality Management Software System is a world-class software for quality management, compliance, and overall process improvement. It is security conscious and supports several modes of authentication some of which are Single Sign-On (SSO) and Windows Authentication. among others.

For large businesses, it is important to have a software that can easily sort and filter data, run searches across all the records in your system in just a simple search, and assign people into groups based on job functions, or any other metric of your choice.

HQMS prevents accidental deletion or closure of records, by adopting the use of electronic signatures to approve closures. The software comes with an alert bar that provides easy links to tasks and notifications. It keeps the user aware of records that are almost due and overdue.

Sections of the system can be accessed by employees and even the business’ clients, according to the rights you assign to them. This keeps the users focused, as well as helps the clients feel involved by allowing them to leave reviews and questions without compromising the security of the system. You can use it to communicate with the clients. 

4) Issue Management Software – caWeb Corrective Action

caWeb Issue Management Software is an issue management software designed by Harrison Group International. It serves as a centralized location for all the information regarding issues that may arise in your business, as well as documenting all processes taken before the issue occurred, and proffering solutions to them. 

It helps you identify problem areas in your business, assign individuals or groups to solve it, offer corrective steps to take and keep track of the corrective actions that have been taken to provide a detailed reference for future purposes, and to prevent similar issues repeating itself.  

This software saves time and reduces cost by allowing authorized personnel to have access to required information at any time from anywhere, as well as giving them the ability to leave comments in problem records. This removes the need for physical meetings, and help you efficiently manage your time. 

It also provides preventive initiatives that help you avoid major disasters. Every company, especially large businesses, will face issues in its operations but the timely and efficient resolution of such issues can be the difference between a successful long-lasting business and an unsuccessful one.

5) Total Quality Management System – TQM Total Quality Management Software System

For Businesses, you need different factors to work in unison to achieve improved business performance. From leadership to vision plan, all the way down to the customer, there is a need for quality delivery. 

Total Quality Management Software System is designed to help with all stages of business operation to provide top quality performances in your business. It provides for Customer compliance management, Production task management, capital asset management, Employee training management, document management, audit management, and supplier quality management. 

Gone are the days of problematic low quality service, with this software, you retain total control while improving your business. It is designed to bring long-term success through customer satisfaction, as well as positively impact employees to become better.


Harrington Group International offers software that are budget-friendly, and are of great use to both small and large businesses. Visit for more information.

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