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What type of beds are popular in the UK?

Beds are important for a comfortable night’s sleep. Also, they add much to your bedroom’s decor. There are many types of beds from which you can choose that best suit your needs. 

Bespoke Beds 

In the UK, the word “bespoke” is frequently used to refer to handcrafted or personalized items. Therefore, a bespoke bed is one that is created particularly to the requirements or specifications of the buyer. It is one of the most popular bed types in the UK, allowing customers to get them in any size, style, material, and color. 

A bespoke bed is intended to be a singular, aesthetically pleasing, comfortable, and useful piece of furniture that can be built by a homeowner or by a professional furniture maker or carpenter. These beds offer style, comfort, and luxury all at the same time. You can get them with storage spaces, built-in mattress, premium headboards, footboards, luxury fabrics, and anything that suits your room’s decor.

Ottoman Beds 

Ottoman beds are highly popular in the UK as they come in amazing structures with plenty of storage space. These beds have gas-lift hydraulics that raise the base to reveal a tonne of storage space underneath. However, you can utilize the storage area to its full potential as they offer more storage space than drawer beds. 

They can be opened from either the side or the foot of the bed. If your bedroom is small and you want to keep it tidy, these beds are a fantastic choice. You can get ottoman beds in various sizes, colors, fabrics, and opening options such as side opening ottoman beds and end opening ottoman beds. 

Raised Beds 

A raised bed can be the best option if you want a bed that is higher off the ground and has storage underneath. Single and double elevated beds are available in this type. Double-raised beds typically rise about 18″ off the ground, compared to single-raised beds’ normal height of about 10″. If you want to save floor space, raised beds are an excellent choice. 

Wooden slats or a metal frame, as well as storage drawers, are common features of raised beds. They add an extra touch of style and luxury to your bedrooms. Besides, you can enjoy a comfortable sleep in raised beds as they provide excellent back support. 

Upholstered Beds 

An upholstered bed is, in general, any bed that is covered in soft materials as opposed to being only made of wood or metal. The options for textures, colors, and fabric kinds are virtually unlimited from an aesthetic perspective. An upholstered bed can be used in any type of bedroom. 

It provides you the option to select the fabric that you believe best complements the style and decor of your room. A headboard with upholstery can provide both support and comfort. It maintains the pillows in place and enables you to keep the bed warmer. This makes the area cozier and more tranquil, perfect for a peaceful night’s sleep. Upholstered beds offer comfort and luxury while adding a style statement to your bedroom. 

Divan Beds 

A divan bed is made up of two components: a mattress that matches the base, which is a sturdy hardwood frame covered in fabric. Divan bases have castor wheels and frequently have drawers for storage. Shop beds online in the UK according to your choice and room decor. 

These beds feature a sturdy wood frame and a hard platform top, so you can be confident that whichever mattress you choose to use with it will have a very supportive and sturdy surface. However, you can get these beds with numerous storage spaces. Besides, their lightweight structure makes them easy to assemble and move. If you are constantly changing room decor, you will love how simple it is to install and detach the headboard from a divan base. 

Loft Beds

For small bedrooms, loft beds are a common option because they have been around for millennia. With a ladder to climb up to the bed, loft beds are sometimes installed on roofs. Many loft beds have one of two designs: a hatch for climbing up or a staircase leading up to the bed. 

A ladder that folds away when not in use is another feature of some. Loft beds can be made from a range of materials, including metal, fiberglass, and timber beams and panels. A loft bed is frequently attached to the wall rather than a traditional bed frame; this keeps the bed stationary and prevents it from swaying.

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