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What to Think About When Wiring a House in Seattle

What to Think About When Wiring a House in Seattle

Seattle is a beautiful city. You have snow in winter and sun in summers. All four seasons are beautiful and will that climate changing, your electrical systems can be a bit of a beast if your house isn’t up to date. It doesn’t matter if you are rewiring your whole house or you’re just adding a new circuit, there are some key considerations that most electricians recommend keeping in mind to ensure safety and efficiency.

Knob and Tube

Seattle is 173 yeas old city, and it has a lot of older homes and some of them still have the old-school “knob and tube” wiring. This type of wiring worked well with old technologies, but they are not ideal for modern appliances. Not paying attention to this could get you in trouble, danger and in endless bills for appliance repair services. You might be able to get by with grounding upgrades, but we recommend consulting with a licensed electrician. This is your safest bet.

Seattle Electrical Code

Just like any city, Seattle has its own electrical code that goes beyond the national standards.  Make sure any electrical work you do complies with these regulations to avoid safety hazards and ensure your home passes inspections.

Permits and Inspections

Seattle requires permits for most electrical work, so don’t skimp on this step!  Having a licensed electrician pull the permits and handle the inspections ensures everything is done correctly and up to code.

Future Needs

Think about how you’ll use your home in the future.  Are you planning a big kitchen remodel with fancy appliances?  Do you want to add a hot tub?  Consider these potential electrical demands when planning your wiring to avoid future headaches.

Hiring an Electrician

This might be the most important tip.  While it’s tempting to DIY some electrical work, Seattle’s electrical system is best left to the professionals.  A licensed electrician will ensure safety, adhere to code, and get the job done right.

These are just a few factors, but by considering them, you can ensure that your beautiful grandparents’ home’s electrical system is safe, efficient, and ready for whatever the future holds. And remember, there’s no substitute for the expertise of a licensed electrician in Seattle!

Can You Legally Do Your Own Electrical Work?

Doing your own electrical work is typically acceptable if it’s for personal use rather than commercial purposes. Additional terms may also be relevant. Providing proof of homeownership through a house deed might be necessary. Attaining a temporary license through a brief examination might also be required.

In the electrical permit application, it might be necessary for you to confirm that you are the owner-occupant and that the purpose of this work is personal, rather than commercial. This excerpt mirrors language commonly found in various states’ legal documents, such as this example from Washington State, explicitly permitting owner-occupants to conduct their own electrical tasks.

Nothing…shall be construed to require that a person obtain a license or a certified electrician in order to do electrical work at his or her residence…unless the electrical work is on the construction of a new building intended for rent, sale, or lease.

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