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What To Look For in a Commercial Plumbing Company

Plumbing is integral to company operations since it helps bring tap water and direct waste into sewer lines. Faulty plumbing can destroy company property and disrupt operations, so you need professional help installing and maintaining plumbing. Commercial plumbers help resolve issues like clogged or frozen pipes, low water pressure, leaks, and overflowing vanities. Here are some qualities to look for when choosing a commercial plumbing company:

Customer Service and Communication

Whether it is a first-time installation or subsequent repairs, you and your plumber must maintain communication throughout a project. Friendly technicians are easy to interact with, helping you understand their approach to each project area. Transparency about the project milestones and potential problems they encounter keeps you in the loop.

Customer-focused commercial plumbers often provide high-quality customer service since they aim at serving your needs. Their plumbers help you pinpoint and fix any damage without disrupting your business’s day-to-day activities. Experts can also recommend add-ons to fix potential issues to prevent a plumbing failure in the future.

Proper communication can give you peace of mind with plumbing projects. Your professional plumber will be upfront about cost estimates, allowing you to budget properly. Look for a reliable plumbing contractor who is open and ready to communicate at all times during the project.

Innovative Plumbing Techniques

Dated plumbing techniques can be effective but often disruptive and require time. Newer plumbing techniques are more efficient, helping make project deadlines shorter. Commercial plumbing companies that use up-to-date methods often deliver outstanding project results and reduce damage. Common cutting-edge innovations your commercial plumber may need include:

  • High-definition (HD) sewer and pipe cameras to inspect for leaks and blockages without digging up the pipe or sewer line.
  • Hydro jetting helps clean potential blockage sites along the water or sewer system using high-pressure water.
  • ProPress systems help create more robust joint fittings without needing an open flame, creating a safer working environment. This technique also works on wet surfaces, eliminating the need to drain and dry your piping system beforehand.

PHCC and UPC Certifications

Plumbing jobs often have multiple risks, resulting in injury or property damage. Commercial plumbing experts can help mitigate such risks through their training and experience. You can ascertain their professionalism by checking for plumbing certifications before hiring them. Common certifications for commercial plumbing companies include:

  • PHCC membership: he Plumbing-Heating-Cooling Contractors Association (PHCC) comprises top-quality service experts in the plumbing industry. The membership indicates a contractor’s dedication to top-quality service and assurance that they are knowledgeable in their specialization. As a PHCC member, your plumber is bound by their code of ethics and principles of integrity and honesty.
  • UPC certifications: Uniform Plumbing Code (UPC) certifications are modeled after the American plumbing standard developed by IAPMO — the international governing body that inspects plumbing systems. UPC certification demonstrates mastery or competence in their field, depending on their level. The certification also shows the contractor’s commitment to safety on the job site.
  • Special-service certification: Plumbing companies that offer other services like HVAC repair need unique certifications like UMC to show their proficiency.

Competitive Pricing

Commercial plumbing projects can be cash-intensive, so you need to find ways to work within your budget. While plumbers charge based on your project’s needs, some will likely offer better rates than others. Compare quotes from different plumbing contractors within your area and select one with competitive rates.

Low rates do not always mean good deals, so you need to check other areas of their work when assessing value. Trustworthy plumbers first inspect your plumbing problem and check the fixtures and sewer lines to offer an accurate quote. They then offer a breakdown of each problem, how much it will cost, then include labor charges before calculating the totals. Negotiating their rates can help you settle on an amount within your budget and provide value for money on the job.

Hire Professional Commercial Plumbers

Working with reputable commercial plumbers can help you fix existing plumbing issues like leaks and blockages and prevent potential future issues. Experts use cutting-edge technology to fix plumbing problems, preventing disruption of business operations. Reputable plumbing companies maintain open communication and transparency throughout the process. Reach out to a professional plumbing contractor to address any of your commercial plumbing needs today.

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