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What To Know About Blue Box Shipping

Blue Box Shipping

Companies that manufacture products and use specialized tools need to have a process that helps them save money and maintain their assets. One way to improve the bottom line and be more efficient as a manufacturer is to use blue box shipping. Here is what you should know about how blue box shipping works.

Reconditioning Your Tools and Easily Returned To You

Blue box shipping works by providing your company with a way to get your tools reconditioned and returned back to you in an easy, fast process. If you have invested thousands of dollars into high-quality manufacturing tools, you won’t have to purchase new materials or pay for new machinery and parts.

Improving Productivity for Your Business

Having your tools reconditioned instead of buying a whole new set of tools also helps you with increasing your team’s productivity. Blue box shipping allows you to periodically recondition your tools when needed and helps you avoid downtime waiting for replacement parts and tools.

Reducing Costs

Your business could also benefit from lowering your overall costs for materials and tools if you take advantage of blue box shipping. You can get much more usage and many more years out of your current set of tools. When it’s time to replace your machinery or tools, you can opt for high-quality First Choice Energy products.

Increasing Performance

A big part of your company’s quality assurance is using effective tools and machinery to produce products. When your tools are regularly reconditioned, repaired and maintained, you get better performance and improved outcomes. Your company may have fewer instances of products with problems or defects when the machinery is running well.

Helping the Environment

Businesses also need to be more responsible with their company sustainability practices. Whenever possible, there should be campaigns in place to reduce, reuse or recycle. With the blue box shipping process, businesses can reuse their current stock of tools instead of buying new materials and increasing their waste. Landfills around the world are full of industrial waste and electronics from the manufacturing industry. This can help avoid adding more waste to the landfills.

Using the Blue Box Service

The step-by-step guide to using blue box shipping is easy. First, you should purchase high-quality tools and materials for your manufacturing processes, using an engineering calculator to help give you rough estimates for what you need. Check the tool manufacturer’s guide to see when it should be serviced or reconditioned. When it’s time, you can send the tools to a service that provides reconditioning. 

Packing Materials

Then, request a blue box from a reconditioning center and pack the tools carefully into the box. Some servicers will allow you to drop off the blue box and pick it up later when the tools are ready for use again. This makes it convenient and less costly than shipping heavy tools across zip codes.

If you want to save money and help lessen the amount of waste your business produces from manufacturing, you should consider using blue box shipping services. This reconditioning process for your tools can help you reuse items instead of buying new ones.

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