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What to expect from Einstein GPT and how it will change Salesforce

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The announcement of the Einstein GPT launch was sensational for the whole Salesforce universe as well as the businesses and organizations that use the popular CRM platform.

It looks like Salesforce Admins and Salesforce developers are getting an actual AI assistant that can fulfill much more complex tasks than processing and sorting data or automating some basic Salesforce tools.

The introduction of Einstein GPT may also change the concept of Salesforce online course as the idea of generative AI within administrative or development processes will probably change the whole nature of Salesforce Admin and developer positions.

But since Einstein GPT remains in the closed pilot stage, nobody knows for sure what to expect from the generative AI technology when it becomes fully implemented.

Let’s try to soberly assess the potential impact of Einstein GPT on the Salesforce and CRM solutions that it offers as well as the possible pitfalls of this innovative technology.

A CRM tool that “thinks” like a human

We know that Salesforce has been developing the Einstein tool for over 8 years now, and it is one of its most famous and successful developments.

Einstein is an AI-based concept that combines all the benefits of the way that computers and human minds process and sort data. In other words, it is highly efficient but remains perfectly manageable and predictable for Salesforce Admins and Developers – the people at the head of the operation.

Einstein GPT will take a leap forward introducing more freedom and even creativity to the process. Imagine that you have to answer a customer service request. To provide a thorough and efficient answer you need to analyze all the available information about the matter of the request as well as the customer who addresses the service. Basically, it is what Einstein has been assisting with till now, But from now on Einstein GPT will also be able to compose relative and life-like responses, behaving even more as an intelligent human assistant would.

The only pitfall to keep in mind in this situation is that Einstein GPT still relies entirely on the available data, which means that manipulating this data will instantly affect its response.

Salesforce professionals are still the key!

Another common concern that emerged right after the official announcement of the Einstein GPT launch is the effect that it will have on the Salesforce job market and the perspectives of Salesforce Admins and Developers. This Salesforce tutorial for beginners helps you understand better about the CRM concepts. 

In fact, every developer who has ever worked with AI until now understands that human professionals still exist and will probably always be the key to a successful operation. Think of it as a road detector in a modern vehicle. Although your car can “see” the sideroads and objects around it, you still cannot let the steering wheel go on its own.

In other ways, AI is an assistant, not a full-fledged professional who can or will ever be able to replace a certified Salesforce Admin or Salesforce Developer.

Those who think that implementation of Einstein GPT will cause a crisis in the Salesforce job market probably don’t fully understand the nature and purpose of generative AI technology. Despite what Hollywood tells us, Artificial Intelligence is not capable of learning independently from humans. Even the most sophisticated Einstein GPT development will need feedback from a Salesforce Admin or Salesforce Developer to remain efficient. If this kind of feedback does not come, the system simply circulates around its own mistakes, becoming more and more problematic.

In other words, the introduction of Einstein GPT will make Salesforce Admins and Developers even more important for a successful and efficient CRM process, widen their functionality, and provide numerous features that will make Salesforce career perspectives even more appealing.

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