What to Do Next to Market Your Crypto or NFT Project

The increase in cryptocurrency and NFT projects over the last few years has been immense, with the market reaching saturation and leaving many project designers feeling like their project has already been done. The question, however, is does it actually matter? The numbers say that it doesn’t: any project that has the right marketing approach and audience engagement continues to bring out the best in the current market.

A project’s unique features and services are, of course, still key in determining its success, but a clear marketing plan has an equal part to play. Many project designers and enthusiasts fail to realize the necessity of developing a promotion plan when formulating a project, yet a solid marketing plan is essential to leading the project to greater heights and seeing strong returns. Surveying new projects across the digital space, only a miniscule percentage develop and implement robust marketing strategies. In other words, effective marketing is largely absent from the consideration of new crypto and NFT designers.

Where Does a Marketing Strategy Fall in a Project’s Roadmap?

Although it is important to begin to develop a project concept before marketing it, crypto, blockchain, DeFi, GameFi, or NFT project owners often don’t understand where in the project chronology to introduce marketing considerations. When should you begin to develop marketing as a special weapon?

The answer is in tandem with or right after initial concept design — which is also when marketing should be initiated in the wild. This includes the selection and creation of social media handles and developing the different pieces of documentation that explain the project’s idea, its values, and the reasons to engage with it in the digital space. These are all essential to defining and developing your presence.

Once social media has been initiated and documentation such as whitepaper and litepaper has been released, it’s time for press releases. These releases should highlight the daily activities of the project and how it’s developing and strengthening itself in the digital space. It’s all about gaining the people’s attention and bringing interested investors into the project.

How Do You Create Clear Marketing Strategies?

So, how do you create an effective marketing strategy for your project? is here to provide crypto and NFT projects with in-depth insight into developing a marketing plan that will allow them to take root and grow in the current digital market. With thousands of projects making their way into the digital space each month, understands what a concept needs to stand out and thrive.

A crypto and NFT consultancy, features multiple services that help projects market to their niche. From social media, to content development, to drafting professional press releases, can put your project in the spotlight from its best angle. Services include those suited for DeFi, GameFi, and NFT projects, as believes in catering to the needs of all blockchain projects, especially those motivated to develop unique utility and advance the digital market.

With these goals in mind, is changing the blockchain space and bringing out the best in digital projects. Its contributions can be observed in the solid track record it has established from the start of its journey.


It is challenging to begin a project in a digital market with high saturation. Marketing, however, is one of the most important elements in ensuring your project stands out and sees returns. To achieve the best, understanding the market is key. Agencies such as can help in getting your name out there and presenting your projects in their best possible light.


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