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What to do in New York: 5 Tips for Tourist Attractions in NY

In  distrustfulness about what to do in New York, the most vibrant  megacity and one of the most popular in the United States? Do not worry, it’s easy to give several tips to help you put together your plans among the four New York megalopolises Brooklyn, Manhattan, Queens, Bronx and Staten Island. The trip is peaceful, full of possibilities and with a  veritably easy locomotion in one of the biggest artistic centres in the world! 

Why is New York so  notorious?  

One of the  topmost  metropolises in the world, it’s hard to find someone who has  norway  heard of New York. The  megacity breathes fashion, culture, art and is also considered the  fiscal capital of the country, home to the  notorious Wall Street. 

The city’s fame comes from its versatility, it is possible to find all styles in just one place, from simpler places to luxurious tours with Cheapest Car Service to New York

The attractions are also many, pleasing art fans, who need to know Broadway and watch its famous musicals.

It pleases those who like to shop, as in the Times Square area it is possible to find the most varied stores, including some of the most famous brands in this region. 

In addition, the financial centre of the United States and the world is located in the city, which also attracts the interested eyes of businessmen. 

These points alone already show us that New York is fully deserving of its fame, but what else is there to do in the city? Come find out!

What state is New York

There are many doubts about the nomenclature and geography of New York. This happens because in fact New York is also the name of the entire state, where 62 American cities are located , in which the largest and most famous is New York City. 

It is common to hear people say both New York and New York City, both ways are correct. 

New York City is the most vibrant in the United States and is divided into 5  sections, Manhattan, the most  notorious  islet and where the main  sightseer  lodestones  are located,  similar as Times Square, 5th Avenue, Central Park, among others. In addition to it, the  megacity comprises the  sections of Brooklyn, Bronx, Queens and Staten Island. 

When to go to New York

Living up to its nickname “the city that never sleeps”, New York is busy all year round.

There is never a bad time to plan a trip there! Except for those who can’t stand a winter with the possibility of negative temperatures.

On the other hand, the summer is  relatively hot, indeed for those who are used to the temperatures of Brazilian tropical climates.  Another factor to take into account is the price increases in the high season, especially in the most  gleeful times,  similar to Christmas, New Year and the June  leaves. 

Apart from these, there are few factors that can spoil or worsen the trip. Rainfall is well distributed throughout the year and New York’s attractions never stop happening!

What to do in New York top  sightseer  lodestones   

The United States, located in North America, is without a  doubt one of the most important countries in the world.  thus, there’s no lack of  lodestones  in its most  notorious  megacity, and to decide what to do in New York it’s good to draw up a plan with the stylish intentions. maybe there’s a lesser desire to be  dazed by New York stores and  structures. 

The internationally recognized museum is very famous to visit first with Car Service Near Me.

There are even free things to do in New York. The parks are a great choice and already offer a world of possibilities to enjoy the trip!

Central Park

To start the visit, one of the highly requested places to visit in Nova is Central Park .

This urban park in Manhattan is an incredible artificially constructed green landscape. There are lakes, trails, ice skating rinks and fields.

A wonderful choice for having a picnic, playing sports and strolling through the 3.41 square kilometers of extension.

In addition to being popular with residents, Central Park is known for having appeared numerous times in films, series and documentaries of all kinds, even animations.

Statue of Liberty

Recognized worldwide, the Statue of Liberty was conceived as a collaboration between France and the United States.

Representing freedom and democracy, the statue quickly became, after completion of its construction, a landmark for the United States and New York.

For immigrants in the 19th century, the great statue represented hope and welcome, with its torch held above its head and broken chains at its feet.

Located on an island, the statue is surrounded by ports, parks, shops and other islands , accessible by ferries and boats!

Times Square

Another extremely busy place is Times Square , crossed by so many different people on a daily basis that it has earned the nickname “the crossroads of the world”!

It had modest beginnings, known as Long Acre Square, but was quickly impacted by electricity, rapid public transportation and commercial investment.

Including the construction of the Times Tower, the second largest building at the time and headquarters of the New York Times you travel NY time to JFK Airport with Cheapest Car Service to JKF Airport , which gave Times Square its name shortly afterwards.

Today, Times Square is inhabited by, in addition to a large number of pedestrians, respected restaurants, theaters, hotels, bars and all kinds of attractions!

Top of the Rock and Rockefeller Center

Next to Times Square, in the center of Manhattan, there is a complex composed of 19 buildings, one of them with 70 floors and 266 meters high.

From the top of this is Top of The Rock . An observatory with a phenomenal view of Times Square in midtown Manhattan and the tops of its buildings.

Having been built during the late Great Depression period, coming out of a severe economic crisis, the Rockefeller has become a symbol of innovation.

Today it is not far behind in this regard, hosting a large number of presentations, shows, lectures, shops and attractions, including its gigantic Christmas tree in December!

Brooklyn Bridge

The world’s first steel suspension bridge , one of the oldest in New York and the first connection between Brooklyn and Manhattan.

The largest in the world, at the time its construction was completed. Another milestone of innovation and progress, which increased movement in the city and between its districts.

Therefore, it is easy to find cultural, gastronomic and entertainment attractions in the surroundings, such as Brooklyn Bridge Park, which provides space for relaxation and for a number of practitioners of different sports.

On both sides of the bridge, which even offers bicycle rental for your crossing, it will be easy to find bars, restaurants, breweries and clothing stores.

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