What to do if the USB Flash drive is not recognized anymore

Very few things in this world are as terrifying as suddenly finding out that your precious USB flash drive is not working anymore! It could become even more of a problem if you’re traveling and relying on it to store any sensitive, indispensable data. Well, before you panic and try to set the house on fire, try out a few “possible” fixes that we have for you today. 

If nothing works, you at least have Data Specialists for retrieval of files to try and help, right?

Unrecognized USB device: 6 possible fixes

  1. Rule out connectivity issues

First, let’s rule out the obvious—check if the USB flash drive is connected correctly to your computer. Sometimes, the connection might be loose or not inserted properly. Try plugging the drive into another USB port and see if that works. This sounds obvious, but you’d be surprised how many times the port turns out to be the culprit and not the Flash drive itself.

  1. Restart your computer

“Have you tried restarting your system?” might be the most hated line we get to hear from customer support…but seriously, have you tried doing that? Sometimes, a simple restart can resolve recognition issues by getting rid of temporary software glitches. So, do the thing- restart your computer and then reconnect the USB flash drive to see if it’s detected.

  1. Check for physical damage

Examine your USB flash drive to see if there’s any physical damage, such as bent connectors or cracks. Physical damage can prevent proper connection and communication with your computer. If you notice any damage, it may be best to admit reality and replace the flash drive.

  1. Update USB drivers (if they’re not already)

Even though it’s rare, outdated or corrupted USB drivers can sometimes lead to recognition issues. Check for updates regularly and install them if available. Updating drivers not only improves compatibility but also ensures proper communication between your computer and the USB flash drive. 

  1. Try a different computer

To determine whether the issue lies with the USB flash drive or your computer, try connecting it to another system and see if that works. If it does, it might be time to figure out what’s wrong with your computer. Maybe there’s an OS issue, a software issue, or a physical issue like a damaged port. Get to the bottom of it and try again. Maybe there’s an OS issue, a software issue, or a physical issue like a damaged port. Get to the bottom of it and try again.

  1. Use a data recovery specialist

Last but not least, consider going to a data recovery specialist when all else has failed. Even if the USB flash drive is beyond saving, you might be able to recover any important files that are present in it. After all, that’s what matters the most, doesn’t it? 

Well, there you have it! Our top 6 tips on what to do if your USB flash drive is not recognized anymore. Be sure to try out all of them, and let us know what works!

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