What to do if a rental car gets stolen

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Car rental is the most convenient way for traveling abroad in a new country or outside your city. Not only will you be able to save a lot of time, but you will also save more money. Additionally, it will also prevent you from many inconveniences. You will have all the time to enjoy the new place you visit without hurrying. However, you should consider some inconveniences when renting a car as well. In case of damaging the car or getting it stolen, it will be your responsibility. Your insurance will cover most of the inconvenience. However, you will have unpleasant feelings and pressure. Such scenarios cannot be avoided, yet there are several actions you should take in case your rental car gets stolen.

So what happens if your rental car is stolen? If you have found yourself in such an unfortunate situation, you should consider taking a few actions, which we will talk about in this article.

What to do if your rented car is stolen?

Many cars are being stolen in the USA every year, and rental cars can be stolen as well. In case you cannot find your car in the parking lot or in the place you have parked, make sure to take several steps to prevent yourself from any serious problems and inconvenience. Trying to find it yourself will be a very difficult and inconvenient task. And the ways to find a stolen rental car can only be handled by special authorities.

What if the rental car is stolen: Step-by-step instructions

Everyone should be prepared for such inconvenience when renting a car. So, whenever you find yourself in such a situation, you should know how to report a stolen rental car. You should first make sure to call the police. Without any hesitation or panic, call the police and report the theft. Make sure to point out that the car is rented from a rental company. You should provide all the required details about the car, the rental company, what personal belongings you had in the car, etc. Many rental companies, such as RealCar, add a GPS system in their cars to track the vehicles in case of such cases. If you are not able to track the car yourself, you can provide the details to the police officers, and they will track it from their system.

Secondly, you will need to inform the rental company. All rental companies, including, require customers to immediately inform them about the theft. Once you get in touch with the rental agency, you can point out that you have already spoken with the police and they are investigating the case. You can also ask the rental company if they have a GPS system in the car. And if so, they can also track the car through their system.

And lastly, you should fill out a report about the case. As soon as you have the report and the details of the police station you have called, you should provide the files to the rental company. Additionally, you should also check the insurance contracts you have. This will help you be sure that there are points about vehicle theft coverage. You will surely think about the responsibility. So if the rental car is stolen, who is responsible? If you have chosen comprehensive coverage from your insurance, it is most likely that your insurance company will cover all the costs. That is one of the benefits of full insurance coverage. So always make sure to check that point in your insurance contract. Of course, it will come with higher prices. However, your insurance agency will cover all the costs, and you will be out of all kinds of responsibilities.

How to prevent the theft of a rented car?

If you want to avoid such unpleasant situations, make sure to be very careful with the car you rented. Think of the rental car as if it is your own. As long as you are very attentive and take good care of it, you will always keep an eye on your rented vehicle. There are several tips and tricks for people who want to be more cautious when renting a car. And here are a few pieces of advice that we have prepared for you.

  1. Find a parking space with good lighting. It is difficult to find a good parking space. However, it will be very difficult to steal a car in noticeable places with good lighting. That is why parking lots are always the most secure places. Many parking lots also have cameras around. So in such cases, you can easily find the thieves.
  2. Lock the doors whenever you leave the car. It is very important to always have your doors locked if you are not in the car. This will bring the theft of your rented vehicle to a minimum. So always double-check if your car’s doors are locked once you are out.
  3. Don’t leave any personal or expensive belongings in sight. If your bag, wallet, or phone is noticeable in the car and there’s no one around, it is more likely that either the vehicle will be stolen or the items in the car.
  4. Check if there are any signs around the places you have parked. It is best to park in a parking lot or in a special place where cameras can be found.
  5. Keep your car keys in a safe place. If your car keys can be easily found, it is more likely that they can be stolen. So make sure to keep the keys of your rental car somewhere secure.

The bottom line

What if your rental car is stolen? This is a thought that no one wants to experience. When renting a car, it is very necessary to make sure that everything is covered, including car accidents, car theft, etc. When having everything in order, you will have less responsibility in such cases. However, keeping the rules and doing the actions we have discussed above is crucial, when you can’t find your vehicle in the place you parked it. As long as you keep the actions in order and provide all the required details, it will be much easier for the authorities to find the stolen rental car.

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