What to Consider When Selecting a Reliable AC/DC Switching Power Supply Module for Smart Home?

What to Consider When Selecting a Reliable AC/DC Switching Power Supply Module for Smart Home?

People are falling in love with the convenience brought by smart home devices – By connecting the IoT, you can control the electronics even before arriving home. This emerging market prompts MORNSUN to respond to the new requirements quickly: it keeps launching small-size and cost-effective power supply modules and provides one-stop power solutions. 

As MORNSUN’s confident work, the LM-R2 series of switching power supplies, which break through the limitation of size and performance of enclosed switching power supplies, provide a better choice of power solutions for the smart home industry with their small size, high performance, and high quality. These features and advantages will help solve the challenge in power designs for smart homes and IoT fields. 

Firstly – What Are the Challenges in the Improvement of Smart Home and IoT?

  1. Higher demand for smaller smart home devices design due to smaller space. As people move into smaller homes and apartments, they will need compact and more efficient smart home devices, which at the same time raise higher requirements for the power supply design.
  2. Insufficient load capacity of the power supply system for smart home devices. This will be problematic for the use of all appliances. 
  3. High energy consumption (including standby power consumption). Smart devices are often left on and running, even when on standby, which can lead to higher energy costs.
  4. Safety issues. In addition to the characteristics of high power density, the power supplies designed for smart home devices should also have the performance of high isolation voltage and high reliability for various indoor environments to avoid any possible electric shock, fire, and other safety issues.

How Does MORNSUN Confront Challenges with Powerful LM-R2 Series Switching Power Supply?

MORNSUN has launched the compact, higher standard AC/DC enclosed power supply module LM-R2 series to meet the above challenges. It has the following features and advantages:

  1. Compact size and high power density. 

MORNSUN LM-R2 series SMPS adopts a new generation of high-efficiency design solutions to compress the size of the power supply as much as possible through its own core technology while optimizing the product structure and appearance to expand the space design margin of customers’ systems. 

In addition, the MORNSUN LM-R2 series enclosed switching power supply has been perfected in terms of process design, structural design, and safety design from the perspective of customer convenience while making the power supply about 35% less in weight than the mainstream products. The smaller and lighter LM-R2 Series SMPS is at least 15.4% smaller than mainstream solutions, effectively helping to increase system power density and reduce transportation and storage costs. It is ideal for size-sensitive applications such as small character printers, coffee machines, etc.

Compact size and high power density.

  1. Universal input voltage range: 80-305VAC / 100-430VDC. 

The LM-R2 305RAC power supply module is compatible with mainstream voltages of 100Vac, 240Vac, and 277Vac worldwide, making it more reliable in remote areas or in environments with unstable power grids due to large harmonics.

  1. Strong load capacity: Higher overcurrent points. 

The LM-R2 has a stronger load capacity than the mainstream competitor, which is reflected in the larger overcurrent point than the mainstream power supply, supporting transient overpower. It is suitable for applications such as relays, contactors, and fans where transient power is required when turning on.

  1. Low standby power consumption, high efficiency of up to 92%. 

This helps to reduce thermal losses in switching devices and power losses in equipment components, bringing green energy savings and greater environmental benefits.

  1. High performance, safety, and reliability. 

Through the use of advanced circuit technology solutions, the LM-R2 series of power supply modules from MORNSUN have achieved good performance as below: 

  • Outstanding EMS performance (Surge: IEC/EN 61000-4-5 line to line ±2KV/line to ground ±4KV; EFT: IEC/EN 61000-4-4 ±4KV) 
  • Wider operating temperature range: -40℃ to +85°C 
  • More adaptable to harsh environments (conventional products are from -30°C to +70°C) 
  • High isolation voltage up to 4000VAC 
  • Over-voltage class Ⅲ (designed to meet EN62477)
  • Complete protection functions, including output short circuit, over-current, and over-voltage protection
  1. Safety Certifications. 

This MORNSUN SMPS is designed to meet global safety standards, including IEC/EN/UL/BS EN62368, EN60335, EN61558, and EN62477, greatly meeting customers’ high requirements for performance and safety in areas like smart homes.

Safety Certifications

In conclusion, the MORNSUN LM-R2 series enclosed switching power supply module helps the manufacturers of smart home devices reduce costs in all aspects, from size, performance, and quality to safety, through circuit technology innovation, structure, and quality innovation. In addition to the smart home field, LM-R2 series enclosed switching power supply modules are used in a wide range of applications, such as industrial control, LED, street light control, electric power, security, communication, and other fields. 


A power supply module is vital in ensuring the proper functioning of smart home devices, so your choice of power supply manufacturer matters a lot. MORNSUN has proved its R&D ability with 1600+ intellectual property rights and 600+ patents. Also, MORNSUN’s delivery is stable and fast, helping its customers to shorten the time-to-market of their projects and guarantee the stable operation of their systems for a long time. So, don’t hesitate to check the right power supply module and get your one-stop smart home power solution from MORNSUN now!

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