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What To Consider When Hiring QA Testing Specialists

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Every business owner wants their customers to receive the best experience ever. In fact, there is a proven and well-known way to constantly track the quality of the product at each stage of its development. Thus, a person who is in charge of this task (regularly QA tester) has to perform it really carefully taking into account all the customer’s wishes written in the documentation. So, there is a question how to find such a specialist and not to be disappointed at the end? Moreover, the selection and hiring processes are getting more complicated if your development team is on a remote basis. Thus, here are some tips on what to consider when hiring QA testing specialists that haven’t been mentioned before but will definitely come in handy.

5 Tips That Should Be On Your Interview Cheatsheet

Believe it or not, but the essential thing while hunting for an ideal specialist is to lure potential candidates so they are interested in obtaining a position on your project. Besides, you can mention your core values or the things you appreciate in the QA company you currently work with so the talents can prove their significance for your business.

The testing background is carefully examined by any potential employer. It helps you to define how long they’ve been working on a certain position in order to know the testing procedures like the back of their hand. In addition, you’ll know how flexible they are, especially in adapting to new technologies. Besides, knowing this will help you to find out their potential that can be applied to your project without extra hassle that often takes a lot of valuable time. On a separate note, you’ll kill two birds with one stone by asking about the achievements since it shows how hard they work in order to approach the goal and their motivation.

Relevant expertise is a fundamental aspect of hiring testers. By the way, QA testing companies usually provide a few candidates with a similar set of skills so you can choose the best-matching expert. In order to define who’s better, act as a tester give them a task. For example, to make up 10 test cases of sign-in/sign-out page or any from the basic assignments that appear in your project. This trick reveals a worthy talent since they demonstrate how they perform even under the pressure. In addition, you’ll see the way of thinking and analyzing the important criteria in delivering the quality product.

Personal qualities play a huge role in teamwork, too. Of course, the ability to speak out and show the importance of their opinion is an exceptional skill. However, you, as an employer, should concentrate on the speed of action and responsibility. While the first one is easy to understand by asking simple questions, the latter might be quite difficult to find out. For this purpose, for instance, tell them to think about the biggest failure in the candidate’s life and then to complete the sentences:

“The problem appeared because…”

“The problem could be prevented if…”

“Responsible for this issue were…”

The more candidates mention themselves, the more they feel responsible. So it’s highly likely that this talent aims for the best result.

An overall impression must be the last thing to consider, otherwise, you may have a biased opinion that leads to an incorrect decision. However, you shouldn’t neglect this characteristic since QA is one of those who can communicate with you during the development process. That is why you should feel comfortable working together, and make sure that you receive the answers that you expect to hear but not the irrelevant ones.

General Recommendation

Outsource model of collaboration is the winning one in case you want to get the ideal result without diving deep into tedious stages of the hiring procedure and all the inherent problems, such as losing a valuable specialist. In the meantime, you can focus on more crucial steps such as the development process and its timely delivery. However, still, you may need to do one thing, in particular, to get acquainted with the team members and evaluate their expertise that often takes not much time than desired. Thus, it’s highly recommended to include all of these tips on your cheat sheet in order to spend this time effectively and find the perfect fit for a QA position.

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