What To Avoid Post Liposuction Surgery For A Few Weeks and Dietary Suggestions  

The liposuction procedure is something that is commonly used for removing the unwanted fat that is accumulated in various body parts. Once this procedure is done, the patients should follow a strict diet and also should make some changes in their lifestyle to experience the effects of the procedure. 

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Things not to do after Liposuction 

Here are some of the strict suggestions for you after you have undergone the liposuction procedure. 

  • Staying stationery 

You should strictly avoid staying at one place or on bed rest for more than the suggested time duration after liposuction surgery. Even though it is not possible to go on walks outside, you can move around in your home to make sure that there are no chances of blood clots after the surgery. 

  • Forgetting to hydrate 

Getting hydrated is mandatory after the liposuction surgery. The water or the fluids that you take will flush out the medications that are remaining in your body system. Some of the medications such as anesthesia will remain in your body for some more days, even though their effect or minimal. The best way of flushing them out of the system is by the intake of fluids. 

  • The Blood-Thinners 

Blood-thinning medications can increase the chances of bleeding after the surgery. Some of the blood-thinners such as Advil, Ibuprofen, Motrin, Tylenol, and so on, are suggested to avoid for a few weeks after the surgery. You can ask your cosmetic specialist for the pain medications post-surgery. 

  • Heavy lifting and vigorous exercise 

Some of the vigorous activities such as heavy lifting, aerobics, etc., should be strictly avoided post liposuction surgery to reduce the chances of spiking the blood pressure. If followed, then there are high chances of experiencing bleeding in the surgery wound. 

  • Skipping wearing the compression garment 

The cosmetic specialist that conducts liposuction surgery suggests you wear the compression garment to not only heal the wound early but also to reduce the swelling in the area. hence, these garments should be worn strictly and should not avoid for at least the first 4 weeks after the surgery. 

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Diet to follow post liposuction surgery 

Here are some food items for you that can prove beneficial post liposuction surgery. 

  • Protein-rich food items 

Protein-rich food items are strictly suggested post-surgery to offer enough supply of nutrients to the body. This will trigger the wound healing process to the maximum levels. 

  • Take multivitamin 

You should provide all kinds of vitamins to your body that are available in various food sources such as fruits, protein foods, dairy, vegetables, and grains port liposuction surgery. 

After liposuction surgery, you need to follow a strict diet as suggested by your cosmetic specialist for certain weeks to help your body both externally and internally. These food items will add necessary nutrients to the body and will avoid the unnecessary addition of fat cells. 

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