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What Time Does Bojangles Transition From Breakfast to Lunch

Bojangles switches from breakfast to lunch around 10:30 AM. This timing is key for many customers. The lunch menu, full of Southern favorites, attracts both regulars and new visitors.

So, if you’re planning to catch their breakfast or dive into lunch, that’s the time to keep in mind. You’ll find plenty to enjoy at Bojangles once they make the switch.

Transition Time From Breakfast to Lunch

Bojangles’ switches from breakfast to lunch at most locations around 10:30 a.m. This change brings new items to the menu. Customers can start ordering lunch favorites like fried chicken combos, homestyle tenders, and both fried and grilled chicken sandwiches.

Though you won’t find bone-in chicken on the breakfast menu, you can get the Cajun Chicken Filet Biscuit any time of the day. This mid-morning switch lets you enjoy both breakfast and lunch dishes whenever you want.

Bojangles’ knows what you’re craving. They make it easy to switch from your morning meal to something heartier as the day goes on.

Highlights of Lunch Menu Items

At Bojangles, lunch starts at 10:30 a.m. You’ll find a variety of choices. They serve different combinations of fried chicken – breast, wing, thigh – you can pick what you like.

If you prefer something different, try the homestyle tenders meal. They also have chicken sandwiches, both fried and grilled, perfect for eating on the go.

Each meal comes with your choice of sides, called Homestyle Fixins, and a drink. It’s a complete meal.

If you’re eating with family or friends, consider the family meals. They include fried chicken, sides, biscuits, and iced tea. It’s a simple way to feed everyone and make sure all are happy.


Exclusive Holiday Menu Offerings

Bojangles spices up special days with unique menu items. For Valentine’s Day, they serve heart-shaped BoBerry Biscuits, adding a sweet, romantic touch.

At Thanksgiving, they offer seasoned, fried turkeys that are both tasty and convenient.

In 2021, Bojangles added the Bos Chicken Sandwich as a holiday special, showing their flair for new and exciting dishes.

These holiday offerings make dining at Bojangles extra special for celebrations.

Drive-Thru and Takeout Orders

In 2015, a big part of Bojangles’ sales came from drive-thru and takeout orders. This shows how much people liked the fast and easy service. Bojangles is known for its quick drive-thru that doesn’t cut corners on flavor. When people need a fast, tasty meal, they often pick Bojangles for its Southern comfort food that’s easy to get on the move. It’s perfect for a quick breakfast when you’re rushing in the morning or a filling lunch on a busy day. The drive-thru and takeout at Bojangles make it simple to enjoy a good meal without a hassle.

Here are some upsides and downsides:

| Pros | Cons | |——————-|———————-| | Quick and easy | Not many places to sit| | You can order anything from the menu | Can’t change your order much | | Fast service | Sometimes you might wait a bit |

Customer Satisfaction Factors

Customer satisfaction at Bojangles hinges on their tasty Southern comfort food and fast service. They consistently serve up favorites like Cajun fried chicken and biscuits quickly. They also offer breakfast and lunch all day, so no matter when you get the craving, they’ve got you covered.

Bojangles makes sure you find something you like and leave happy. By doing so, they meet expectations and keep customers satisfied.


Bojangles switches from breakfast to lunch at 10:30 a.m. They offer a variety of foods, from fried chicken meals to breakfast items you can order all day.

Whether you’re eating in, driving through, or picking up your food to go, Bojangles makes sure you can get your favorites anytime.

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