What Should You Do If You Crash In A Company Car?

Crash In A Company Car

It’s one thing to undergo an automobile accident in your own vehicle, but another to do so in a vehicle provided to you by your employer. This is also because if you’re driving in an official capacity, such as part of the logistics network or on a business trip – perhaps even a rented vehicle overseas, then you may be at a loss for what to do.

Of course, you’re still in an accident, so it’s prudent to make sure you’re okay, and that the opposing party is okay, seeking any medical attention you need. This is the foremost priority. From there, you can use a range of preparations you’ve made as well as a careful analysis of the situation to help you come through the other side.

In this post, we’ll discuss a couple of preparations to make and one recuperative strategy to undergo in order to resolve your particular issue and move forward with confidence. Without further ado, you might consider some of the following advice:

Contact The Company

It’s important that your company knows of the situation and the extent of the accident. This is generally covered in their auto and liabilities insurance, the latter being applicable if you were driving not solely in a company car but a service car like a logistics vehicle. Contacting the company will help them contact their insurance, provide instructions, and potentially request any evidence you have of the incident such as through your dashcam footage. In the long run, having the company on your side will help you feel less alone while going through the recuperative process.

Contact Your Insurance

It’s important to contact your insurance provider where necessary. Your company may ask you to contact them so they can gather more information and understand the full extent of the collision. In some cases, if a vehicle has been registered to you and solely provided by the company, then your insurance may be liable. At the very least, you may be able to find insurance support via towing the vehicle or ensuring you have a replacement car that your company cannot provide at the moment. Liaising with your employer in this way will help you curate the best outcome – but be sure you’re not left to deal with the entire process yourself.

Contact Your Attorney

It’s good to contact your accident attorney the moment you have been cleared of medical harm. They will help you collect the best evidence and better orchestrate your story in a legal context, allowing you to avoid sullying the potential for a strong case through incautious messages or promises made to an employer or the opposing party. They will also be able to help you navigate through your liabilities and seek compensation where necessary – perhaps even from your employer if they’re not engaging with this particular case as they should be. Having that kind of support on your side is invaluable.

With this advice, you’re sure to make it through even if you crash a company car.

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