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What Services Do IT Companies Provide?

Many times over the years, clients have asked me what services I provide as a leader in computer company. This article will be an attempt to answer that question.

First of all, our company is special because we are not just an IT consulting firm. Instead, we are able to provide ground-breaking technology with the most effective IT services for our clients. Our IT consulting firm also has a full IT department, unlike many IT companies that outsource their IT technical staff.

IT Consulting Firm

Our IT company is an IT consulting firm because we do not just provide computer services to a client and then move on. We can help a client with all of its technology needs, not just IT. IT consulting is a broad term for IT companies because we provide IT services including project management and hardware support.

IT Services

An aerospace IT consultant provides many IT services such as IT network administration, IT security and IT training. They may also specialize in hardware support which includes both on-site and remote help with computer repair and IT asset management.

 IT Outsourcing

As the IT industry continues to grow, IT companies are no longer strictly IT consulting or IT outsourcing companies. An IT company must be able to provide technical IT support as well as project management and IT disaster recovery services. IT companies that can offer all of these services together will surely prosper and continue to grow.

IT Technical Staff

We are able to monitor and review the performance of an IT department so that IT services are provided in a timely and effective manner. IT outsourcing can be effective, but IT consulting is the best way for IT companies to remain profitable and continue growing.

Disaster Recovery Planning

IT companies providing IT services must be ready to handle all types of IT disasters such as data loss and hardware failure. We offer planning and implementation of IT disaster recovery plans to ensure IT hardware continues working even when IT disasters strike.

IT Support Contractors

Another cool feature that most IT companies offer is IT support contractors, especially to clients that require 24/7 IT help. IT companies always need qualified IT contractors with various skill sets, so this is an effective way for us to staff IT projects. IT support contractors are a great IT service for IT companies to offer because they can take on a large volume of IT jobs, freeing up the staff at the IT company to focus on larger projects.

IT Security Firms

In addition to providing clients with quality IT services, we also provide security solutions from highly trained IT security firms. IT companies that offer IT services to their clients must also be vigilant about IT security because IT disasters can cripple a company or organization very quickly if IT security is breached. IT support contractors are commonly used by IT companies to monitor the IT security of clients’ networks on a continuous basis. 

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