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What Running Meme Pages Is Really Like

When you think of a meme page you really enjoy, how do you picture the owner of the account to be? If you said someone young, someone who’s addicted to their phone, someone really relaxed & laid back, or someone with a relatable sense of humor, you’re not alone. While those qualities are quite common in influencers in the industry, there are much more complex fundamentals that go on, especially if the account owner is intending on monetizing that asset. Amaan Surani, founder and CEO of Slay Media LLC, is here with us today to explain a few of the inner operations and behind-the-scenes workings of meme pages.

For those who don’t know, Slay Media LLC owns a network of over ten million followers on social media. In fact, CEO Amaan Surani created the company to help turn his ordinary accounts into unique brands.

“My business decisions frequently involve others with authority, as well, in the game. Slay Media LLC utilizes and collaborates with hundreds of micro and macro influencers on a daily basis. Influencers that generate several million impressions per month, in order to push traffic towards brands. Creating and scaling brand awareness from any size via influencer marketing is our job. This can include advertising a product for a client, or even driving followers to our own newly branded accounts while maintaining and scaling relationships with existing accounts.”

“Consulting with clients and advertising agencies is another duty of ours, in order to arrange campaigns and sponsorships. Getting a client’s attention is easy. However, keeping that client interested in returning to you in the future is challenging, but indeed rewarding. Being praised for your work ethics and performance by management and executives is a great feeling. Throughout the years, Slay Media LLC has retained clients to increase their awareness and generate clicks, all while managing our own marketing campaigns, as well as our clients’. Being in the social media game, adapting to the revolutionary, everchanging ideas constantly being released is something we’re accustomed to. Not only is it required to succeed as influencers in the industry, it’s needed for consumer satisfaction. Our company has been consistently commended by our colleagues and clients for grabbing our marketing campaigns by the horns, leading to an improvement in leads and clicks. Slay Media LLC has experience in generating leads for client brands as well as brands within our own company.”

“Evaluating, creating, and staying up-to-date with market trends is another duty of ours. We strive for excellence and notoriety. In order for that to be done effectively, we must stay at the top of all trends, and be the first to capitalize off of these trends.”

Ever since entering the business, Slay Media LLC has carefully planned and executed operations on behalf of several companies. The team of alpha-minded strategists have never failed at pleasing a client, and that’s what makes the team stand out from the competition and comforts potentially new clients who consider doing business with Amaan Surani and Slay Media LLC.

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