What Problems Do Self-Driving Cars Solve?

What Problems Do Self-Driving Cars Solve?

What Problems Do Self-Driving Cars Solve?

To explore the potential benefits of self-driving cars, we asked eight industry leaders, including CEOs and managing directors, to share one problem that this technology solves. From improving transportation efficiency to reducing phone distractions while driving, their insights provide a comprehensive look at how autonomous vehicles could revolutionize our roads.

  • Improving Transportation Efficiency
  • Solving the Distracted Driving Problem
  • Enhancing Road Safety
  • Increasing Fuel Efficiency
  • Managing Better Traffic in Urban Areas
  • Eliminating the Impaired Driving Issue
  • Increasing Autonomy for Non-drivers
  • Reducing Phone Distractions While Driving


Improving Transportation Efficiency

One problem that self-driving cars can solve is that they improve transportation efficiency. By autonomously selecting the best route and speed, self-driving cars can shorten travel times and provide more dependable arrival schedules for both passengers and cargo. This reduces traffic congestion and enhances overall road usage, making travel smoother and more predictable.

James McNally, Managing Director, SDVH [Self Drive Vehicle Hire]


Solving the Distracted Driving Problem

By far, the biggest problem that self-driving cars will solve will be distracted driving, which includes drunk driving. 

While our attention spans are short and prone to distraction, the sensors on a self-driving car never sleep. They won’t get distracted by a beautiful sunset or a bad car accident on the other side of the freeway. They take the notion of “eyes on the road” to the next level. As they get closer to their goals, we should see the number of accidents plummet.

Bryan Jones, Founder and CEO,


Enhancing Road Safety

Self-driving cars address road-safety concerns. Human errors cause the majority of accidents. Autonomous vehicles rely on sensors, AI, and real-time data to make split-second decisions, reducing the likelihood of accidents caused by distractions, fatigue, or impaired driving. 

This technology has the potential to save thousands of lives annually. Self-driving cars offer a transformative solution to enhance road safety, potentially revolutionizing transportation by minimizing accidents and providing a safer commuting experience for everyone on the road.

Samuel Fletcher, Co-Founder, SupplyGem


Increasing Fuel Efficiency

Self-driving cars can solve the problem of inefficient fuel usage. By communicating with each other and the environment, they can make smart decisions about how fast to go and when to accelerate. This helps them use fuel wisely, without wasting energy, and it also improves fuel efficiency.

David Bui, Director and Business Specialist, Schmicko


Managing Better Traffic in Urban Areas

One compelling problem that self-driving cars solve is the challenge of better traffic management in urban areas. 

A study has shown that self-driving cars have the potential to enhance overall traffic flow by a remarkable 35%. However, the key lies in AVs’ ability to work together, communicating and coordinating movements in real-time. By doing so, self-driving cars can help make our daily commutes smoother and more efficient.

Marco Genaro Palma, Co-Founder, TechNews180


Eliminating the Impaired Driving Issue

Self-driving cars solve the problem of impaired driving. They eliminate the risk of accidents caused by alcohol or drug impairment, ensuring safer roads for everyone. 

With advanced sensors and AI, these cars can make accurate decisions without being affected by substances. This innovation could significantly reduce the number of accidents related to impaired driving, making roads much safer.

Jay Toy, General Manager, 88stacks


Increasing Autonomy for Non-drivers

It increases autonomy for people who cannot drive themselves. There are many people incapable of safely driving themselves unassisted, from the elderly to those with certain disabilities to people with injuries. 

A self-driving car can solve this problem. Because the passenger does not need to physically operate the car the same way a normal car would be driven, many of these impacted individuals would be able to get around without another person’s assistance.

Max Ade, CEO, Pickleheads


Reducing Phone Distractions While Driving

Since self-driving cars are already connected to navigation apps, you don’t have to worry about driving and paying attention to your navigation app at the same time. Phone distractions are one of the leading causes of car accidents, so this is a significant convenience to consider.

Natalia Morozova, Partner, Cohen, Tucker & Ades, P.C.


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