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What Makes Your Couch Dirty

Dirt is always present in our homes, whether we want it or not. If you have kids and pets then you know how fast dirt accumulates on floors, furniture, and toys. When it comes to couches, they tend to get dirty faster than any other piece of furniture. 

There are many reasons for this, but here are some of the top ones:


Sweat is the leading cause of upholstery staining. When you sit on your couch, the sweat from your skin transfer onto your seat. Sweat is composed of water and salt, but it carries microorganisms along with it. Salt attracts moisture and makes it easier for bacteria to grow. Bacteria once there, start breeding and spreading germs, causing odours and potentially even infections. Dirt and oil from people’s skin stick to the fibres of the fabric and become trapped inside the material. This is when couch cleaning Sydney becomes extremely essential.


Water takes on the characteristics of its surroundings—it picks up pollutants from air and soil. Water spills lead to stains and the couch becomes smelly. Moreover, watermarks form rings that can only be cleaned by experts from upholstery cleaning Sydney.


Pets shed fur, saliva, and urine everywhere, including onto your sofa. It doesn’t take long before your couch becomes covered in hairballs and stains. You might want to consider using a vacuum cleaner to clean your couch, however, over time it does need professional cleaning from Couch cleaning Wollongong.


If you smoke, you know that tobacco contains nicotine and tar. The tar is the sticky residue left behind after smoking. Both substances stick to surfaces and can cause serious damage to your couch over time. It can penetrate upholstery and create permanent stains.


Dust is the number one cause of upholstery stains. When dust comes into contact with fabric, it sticks to the fibres and causes them to become stained. If the stain isn’t removed immediately, it can permanently damage the fabric. Couch cleaner Sydney can be helpful to keep your couch free from dust and dirt.


Food is again a leading cause of upholstering stains. Foods like chocolate, coffee, and tomato sauce leave behind a sticky residue that can easily transfer onto fabrics and become a stubborn stain over time.


Alcohol spills are again a major cause of stains on fabric sofa. Alcohol dries out the upholstered fabric and makes it vulnerable to bacterial infections.


Oil is often one of the causes of stains on your sofa. Oil-based products like cooking oil and motor oil can seep into upholstery and make it look dingy.


Don’t forget about the cushions! Clean them separately from the rest of the furniture. Use a damp cloth or sponge to gently scrub the cushion cover. Make sure not to leave any residue behind. A dirty cushion is often one of the main reasons why your upholstered furniture gets soiled.


If you want to prevent Dirt and grime from getting on your upholstering, hire professional Sofa Cleaning Services in Sydney. 

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