What Makes TryHards One of the Most Interesting Metaverse+NFT Games?

A play-to-earn model coupled with the possibility of a gaming metaverse makes a strong argument for TryHards to be one of the most interesting blockchain-based NFT games. But it goes beyond that. TryHards is bringing massive innovation to the blockchain gaming space. It is the first-ever NFT shooting metaverse game to provide both ‘Player vs. Environment’ (PVE) and ‘Player vs. Player’ (PVP) modes. TryHards also gives players an equal opportunity to automatically stake their universe power and earn $TRY tokens. 

The game has been designed such that players can not only control what they want to do with their Fanatics and weapons but also — how they want to upgrade the same. TryHards integrates a uniquely developed leveling system that allows players to increase their universe power by composing crystals, in-game resources of TryHards. Now, crystals can be obtained in three ways — staking $TRY tokens, providing liquidity, and buying loot boxes. Another aspect of TryHards that makes it interesting is its monetary benefits.

Multiple Income Streams with TryHards 

True ownership of in-game assets allows players to tap into different aspects of the metaverse and generate income off of it. Active players who win many PVP battles stand a chance to earn all the staked tokens, which can be used to upgrade their fanatics and weapons. This helps create constant income for players as they can sell their items for a profit at the TryHards Plaza — an in-house NFT marketplace of the metaverse. 

The game also adopts an anti-inflation mechanism where 70% of profits from the marketplace go to a “buyback and burn” pool. This helps in dealing with the inflationary potential of $TRY tokens. 

Speaking of battles, players can win loot drops after defeating monsters in the PVE mode. They can also get daily rewards for completing missions and quests in the shooting metaverse. As players climb the leaderboard, they will have superior Universe power, giving them more staked rewards in $TRY tokens. 

Apart from in-game activities, players can benefit from providing liquidity to the metaverse. They can inject liquidity in the form of stablecoins and earn crystals as rewards from the metaverse. 

Enhanced User Experience with Polygon 

We believe Polygon gives us the best combination of Ethereum and sovereign blockchains to enhance user experience while removing entry barriers. It is highly secure and, more importantly, inherits Ethereum’s network effects. 

Further, Polygon’s multi-chain system can address many pain points associated with NFT-based games such as lowering the fees and increasing the speed of transactions without any security trade-offs. This will make onboarding users more seamless and provide them with a lasting metaverse gaming experience. 

After the game launches on Polygon, we will also explore other chains like Binance Smart Chain (BSC) and Solana, making TryHards a cross-chain compatible blockchain game. 

Outstanding Metaverse Partners 

We are blessed to have so many metaverse partners that continue to add value and accelerate growth for TryHards. We have support from the best organizations and metaverse projects in terms of technical alliances as well as building a passionate community. 

TryHards partnered with Netvrk to introduce the shooting game to a larger audience in the Netvrk metaverse. They have a powerful platform that is built around gaming and true ownership of virtual assets. We believe the collaboration will attract many blockchain gaming enthusiasts and give them a whole new experience in the metaverse. 

Apart from that, Moralis is the technical partner we chose to make TryHards a user-friendly blockchain game with the best possible features. We plan to leverage the frameworks built by Moralis to scale our game cost-effectively. It offers us a variety of software solutions, including data storage, authentication, and balancing addresses.

We also joined hands with several decentralized autonomous organizations (DAOs) to fast-track adoption and deliver the most complete blockchain gaming experience to the masses.

A Peek Into the Future

TryHards is on track to surprise the cryptoverse with the alpha launch in Q1,2022. We still need a couple more months to give you sneak peeks of the actual game as we are working on finalizing the dApp where you can trade weapons and fanatics. We are confident in bringing something new to the virtual gaming space with TryHards, and we believe the play-to-earn model will enhance our chances to be among the best NFT-focused metaverse blockchain games.




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