What makes Safinus Cryptocurrency and Blockchain project unique?

Safinus is an innovative platform that provides beginners and novices in the world of cryptocurrency with a simple way to discover and invest in some of the most successful and lucrative cryptocurrencies and ICOs in the market at the time. Essentially, Safinus unites the more experienced investors, professional cryptocurrency traders and the newbies on one platform. The convergence is of mutual advantage for all 3 parties involved; the investors stand the chance of increasing volume of capital, the trader is exposed to more clients on a wider scale while the beginner is protected from low-quality ICOs. The platform was developed by Alexey Scherbin, Ivan Morgunov and Dmitriy Morgun.

Safinus uses a community voting system to determine the credibility of an ICO. The platform allows for portfolio joining and utilizes a transparent and blockchain verified portfolio rating system. Safinus tokens called SAF is the ERC20 standard utility token that will be used to access the platform and other platform services like creating portfolios, fees and commissions charged on the Safinus platform etc. A minimum of 200 SAF is required to create a portfolio. The ICO of SAF tokens is categorized in two stages, the pre-sale which has been successfully concluded and the second stage ICO set to begin May 2nd 2018.

Features and services

  • Safinus allows investors, traders and cryptofunds on the platform to create investment portfolios from cryptocoins and ICO tokens, and set portfolio joining requirements for the new investors.
  • Revenue of portfolio controls are generated from the commissions charged to the trader.
  • Portfolio managers – Investors, traders and crypto funds can independently set the rulings of their portfolio and are at liberty to choose which one to implement or drop.
  • Safinus offers an internal cryptocurrency exchange where SAF tokens can be redeemed in other cryptocurrencies.
  • Safinus utilizes technical analytics instruments and strategy automation for the trading of cryptocurrencies. This are basically automated tools used for technical analytics which prepare the users for an effective reaction to market changes and situations.

Problem solved

  • Safinus helps curb the problem of investing in fraudulent ICOs set up by scam artists and reckless developers in a bid to scam unsuspecting investors out of their money.
  • The Safinus platform helps fix the time and effort consuming process of researching credible cryptocurrencies and ICOs to invest in by providing verified results giving investors a better use of their resources.

What makes Safinus unique?

  • With Safinus, investors and cryptofunds can increase their amount of managed capital and profits via the portfolio joining technique for newcomers. 
  • Safinus is not geographically bound or limited, it is open to new clients from anywhere in the globe.
  • New entrants to the cryptocurrency market are treated to investments with high returns at minimal risk, thanks to the Safinus platform.
  • Also potential investors do not need to have an in-depth knowledge of cryptocurrency, the blockchain technology or ICOs as the platform simplifies out all the basics.
  • Safinus develops a community of investors and traders with the aim of uncovering dishonest ICOs while promoting credible and profitable ones for a transparent and honest crypto marketplace.
  • Experienced investors, professional traders and the new investors are each given the opportunity to develop, learn, share knowledge and experiences in a community of like-minded individuals.


Conclusively, the Safinus platform will not only be beneficial to the investors and traders alone but it will also contribute to the growth and development of the modern-day cryptocurrency industry by fighting scammers and building trustworthy ICOs and cryptocurrencies.


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