What makes Inserviss platform unique?

The global labour market is steadily increasing in demand with changes in consumer behaviour and trends owing to modern lifestyles. Consumers are gradually shifting to  the digital world and service providers need to prepare for the transformation of the global marketplace, because it is coming. This is where the Inserviss platform comes to play. Inserviss Platform is a decentralized marketplace that connects service providers to customers on one platform. The service providers simply register on the website and publish their profile online. The profile gives an overview of whatever services are offered by the provider. Customers on the other end can look up services they are interested in, make bookings and payments and drop their feedback and reviews on the service provider.

These service providers could be a person, a group of persons or even companies, it is open to basically anyone with a marketable skill set – doctors, lawyers, engineers, personal trainers, beauticians etc., the point is, if any skill be commercialized, then Inserviss is here. Inserviss is built on the blockchain technology and as such, its operations offer the benefits of the blockchain including decentralization, security and transparency of payment systems. All payments within the Inserviss marketplace platform will be with the platform’s unique native cryptocurrency – Setcoin, the Service Exchange Token. Setcoin is the brainchild of the couple Igor Perepelychnyy and Elena Perepelychnaya. Inserviss will be headquartered in South California, Los Angeles in USA. The ICO of Setcoins is currently active and the coins are available for trade on Waves decentralized exchange.

Features and services

    • Setcoin is the verified cryptocurrency of the Inserviss platform, it will serve as the accepted token for transactions on the platform. A unique cryptocurrency will provide a single unified payment system, thus addressing the issues of transacting with various fiat currencies and cryptocurrencies.

  • The platform offers mobile support for iOS and Android platforms. The mobile application with its user-friendly interface offers a convenient and efficient way of booking services on the platform.
  • Over 2 billion internet users have social media accounts, a figure that is constantly on the rise. These social media platforms connect people across different locations, economic standards, and background. Inserviss will partner with social networking platforms with a high number of user accounts and user engagements to serve as distribution channels.
  • The platform encourages feedback and reviews from customers at the completion of a job. The platform even has a feedback reward program for consumers who drop regular reviews and feedback. The feedback system will encourage and promote better performance amongst the service providers.
  • Inserviss provides value for both the consumers and service providers alike. While service providers get to generate orders and make profits, the consumers get to book and pay for services at their own convenience in a fraction of the regular time it would take outside the platform.
  • Service providers and consumers are linked directly to one another without a third party of middleman. The direct peer to peer interaction enhances communication among both parties to agree on terms before services are rendered.

Problem solved

  • The Inserviss platform eliminates the high cost of intermediaries and third parties that act as a link between customers and service providers by connecting the two parties directly.
  • Inserviss platform solves the issue of trust between parties as transaction records are visible to all parties on the blockchain  to certify credible clients.
  • The feedback system addresses the problem of inconsistency among service providers, as potential clients can make the decision to utilize a provider or not based on the reviews from other users.

What makes Inserviss platform unique?

  • Setcoin is not geographically or politically bound as cryptocurrency is not regulated by the government or central bank of any country. Thus, it can be used by all members of the platform irrespective of their country of residence.
  • Setcoin, like other cryptocurrencies, has reduced transaction times and lower transaction fees.
  • The blockchain is an electronic layer of immutable records, in other words, every transaction facilitated with Setcoin is recorded in the payment database where it can not be deleted or manipulated.
  • Every information on the network is shared to all users on the blockchain eliminating the need for a central server farm that is vulnerable to hacking.
  • Setcoin, based on the smart contracts protocol of the blockchain essentially places service providers and consumers in total control of their data.


The service providers are essentially the fuel that powers the system. They promote the platform’s services and drive transactions growth. The consumers are offered incentives for participation via promotional offers, loyalty and referral programs etc. All in all, the Inserviss ecosystem will benefit all service providers and consumers on signing up on the platform.


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