What Makes An Ideal Mobile Phone? 

Mobile phone

Mobile phone use has become commonplace in the contemporary world. With the changing technology, everything is becoming more digitized, prompting more people to immerse into the mobile phone Singapore market. But, the idea isn’t just having one, but to get the best possible mobile phone with high-end functionality to cope with the advancing technology. You may check this site, In Singapore, everyone seems to go with the wind, and the demand for top-notch mobile phone singapore is ballooning. While the noise is getting too loud, here are the go-for features in a mobile phone.

1) Screen resolution

This feature typically goes past many people when buying a mobile phone, but it’s as essential as buying the phone itself. Since you’re going to stick your eyes on the display throughout your phone’s service time, ensure that you bag the best quality resolution. Go for a mobile phone with at least a 300 PPI pixel density and 720P display. For the best resolution, opt for at least 1280 by 720. Besides, pick LCD screens over Amoled screens for better accuracy and brightness.

2) Battery life

You don’t want a phone battery that dies shortly after charging it because it would be overly aggravating. Of course, having an external portable power source, aka power banks, can be helpful, but why won’t you go for a better battery with more life? Most phone brands have rolled out models with high power retention capacities, which offer the luxury of using them over more extended periods. Therefore, opt for lithium-ion batteries with at least 4000mAh – they will last a day of heavy use.

3) Memory and processing power

it’d damn you to get stuck with a slow phone, and the next irrational thing you’d do is smashing it against the wall. With the advent of 5G networks, you need a mobile that complements this technology, or else you’d hit it against the ground. Good memory and processing power improve your phone’s software and app launching speeds and respond to your internet queries. If budget constraints you, go for mid range phones instead of high-end devices, with at least 2 to 3 GigaBytes memory capacity.

Mobile Phone

4) Screen size

It would help if you had a bigger and better display for an enhanced user experience on your phone. It’d be more perturbing if you squeezed your eyes through a pinhole display – literally. Ideal screen sizes range between 4.0 and 5.0 inches with an excellent resolution.

5) Camera

It would be criminally underrating to have a mobile phone that takes pictures with qualities that date decades ago. Mobile brands are now harnessing the marketing potential offered by quality cameras and have succeeded in popularizing their brands. Take Oppo, for example, a trademark brand that puts camera quality before anything else. Such witty brands know how to tap into customer preferences. Therefore, if budget allows you, snatch a 16MegaPixel camera phone, but aim higher than that.

6) Storage

Don’t forget to get a mobile phone with enough storage, because that’s an equally essential feature. An excellent storage capacity harbors enough mp3 and mp4 files, as well as business or office files so that you don’t need to get external storage for that.


The obsession with mobile phones Singapore is bulging by the day, with many people opting for high-end features to cope with the ever-changing technology. It would therefore be best if you also got one with incredible features not to be left behind.

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