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What Makes a Good Web Design?

Web design is the design of your website on the internet.  It is how a customer finds out more about what your business offers, whether it is a product or service.  It is what gives a customer their first impression of your business.  It highlights the product and/or service your company offers.

Having a great website design will help to build trust with your customers, cement credibility, and get customers to buy your product or service.  A good website design in Toms River should have the following principles.

  1.  Purpose—when someone visits your website, they are there for a reason, which would be to purchase a product or service.  They may just also want to check out your company.  For the web design to be effective, it will need to guide them to the desired action and accommodate their needs.  Web design Brick has to have clear intentions for each page and call-to-action buttons.  You want to make sure your customer buys your product or service and that it is easy for them to do so.
  2. Simple—your website should be self-explanatory and easy to use.  You want them to be able to get the information that they want and need easily.  If not, they will probably move on to another website.  You want a website that is easy to navigate, has subtle colors that fit your brand and has typography that is web-friendly, readable, and easy to skim over.  The images, including any videos, should focus on certain information and embody your brand.
  3. Navigation—website design in Toms River should be easy for your customers to get around.  There should be a search bar near the top of the page and also include navigation in the footer.  
  4. A visual hierarchy—your website design should be sure that the information on your website is done in order of importance by using things such as size, color, imagery, and contrast.  You also want to create a focal point.  Doing this will help those checking out your website to gravitate toward the content on the page that is essential.  Always put important information first on the page.
  5. Consistency—you want your website content to flow throughout each page.  Pay attention to small details, like text spacing.  You want everything in your web design to cater to your customers and represent your brand.
  6. Functionality—you want your website design to be mobile-friendly, and have responsive layouts, that make it easy for your customers to find what they want.  Any links on the website should work and take them where they want to go.


Following these principles will give you a great website design that customers find easy to use and navigate.  It will be a website that they want to visit to find the product or service they need.  They will be able to conduct their business quickly and easily.  They will also be sure to recommend your brand to friends.

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