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What makes a Good Law Firm Website: A Complete Guide

What makes a Good Law Firm Website

A good law firm website should be able to serve both your business and customers. It should work as a friendly medium between the firm and its customers. To answer why a legal firm should have a website, you can visit the Best Law Firm Website Design Companies. Here is the complete guide on what makes a good law firm website. This article will help you design your website in a way that will be fruitful for your business and customers. 

First, come to the point of why a legal firm should have a website. This is because a high-quality website can help you find new leads and phone calls, provide a medium for engaging customers through an automated process, and Enable the clients to pay online and put their reviews, suggestions, or problems. So, a website can easily help you know your customers and make the communication process easy for them, which will be effective in today’s age of digitalization.

Also, your website makes the first impression on your firm to future clients. So, it is important that you make it properly and their impression of you is very clear. Your website needs to be upgraded by updating the design from time to time, and the contents should also be up-to-date.

Some of the important features that a law firm website should have, are given below: 

Well-functioned and designed

Well-functioned and designed

The first and foremost thing about your website is that it should be designed to express all your functions. While you build a modern law firm website, your provided functions need to be mentioned and divided into parts so that clients can find a way to contact you. All the information there should be clear and concise. You can visit and have them design a sleek and fully functional website for you.

Another important thing is a website for lawyers and law firms should be mobile-optimized. 54% of the total browser usage comprises mobile and smartphones. However, mobile phones are more difficult to optimize, as the small screen allows less information, and you must present all necessary information in a smaller room. The website might also work slower on smartphones. So, if you want to maximize the utility of your website, you should deal with the smartphone issues properly. 

Show your law firm’s case-success proof 

 law firm’s case-success proof

Your firm’s hard work and success should be properly portrayed on the website. Creating a trustworthy and credible relationship is one of the principal reasons behind a legal or law firm website. Depending on this, your clients will decide whether they will take your service. 

To show your result, you can list the cases you have dealt with so far so that the clients can have confidence and trust in your firm and know your capability. Especially the cases that best represent your service should be shown.  Having the right IT support can make your law firm website grow.

Clients’ opinions and reviews 

law firms Clients’ opinions and reviews

You can post the client’s reviews and comments about you to let the new clients know about other clients’ opinions about you. Online reviews and comments are considered a standard practice on any top law firm website. So, while you build a law firm website, you may consider having this great option where clients can directly connect with other clients. The results and review of any case create a strong proof of your success.

Publishing relevant, helpful, and up-to-date content according to the law firm’s activities

You should create a law firm website on some basics. For example, TechBullion has put up a great guide on hiring the right law firm for your business. The basics that your site should cover are:

1.Blog Article Library 

It’s the most important thing for your website. Your website is supposed to drive the most organic web traffic for small or medium-sized firms. Your blog articles might attract clients related to that particular type of consequence. So, the more you publish blog articles, the more clients will come to your touch.


Another important thing for a law firm’s website development process is successfully optimizing your homepage so that it can be found and indexed by Google. SEO optimization should be your priority while working on your website. 

Optimizing your website is a must for standing in first place in Google searches. The homepage should include an H1 headline that contains your practicing area. You can add an H2 header as a clever headline at the top of the homepage, but make sure that the H1 header describes your company to Google. Also, link other secondary pages to your homepage so that it gets easier for the customers to go to other pages related to your website.  

Finally, put a sitemap in the footer section to let google observe all the pages of your website for proper indexing. 

3.Practice area pages

Practice area pages show all the areas in which you practice; it also links individual pages for each practice area. 

Your Page Titles and Meta Descriptions should be repeated and separate in each practice area. Creating different pages for each practicing area will show your expertise in each area to Google. 

4.Attorneys page

you should create an entire page that will carry the list of all practicing attorneys. This page will help google connect your website with lawyers. 

5.Attorney bio pages

 Attorney web design will help you create the attorney bio pages. An attorney bio page includes URLs to which law directories link. All the directories should be upgraded and should contain the right information. 

6.Contact page

Your website should include all your business’s contact information. This page should include the name, street address, phone number, email address, or other contact information to make your clients understand your address. The contact page should include the following options:

  •  Click to call: A tappable phone number that mobile users can use directly to call, and desktop users can know the number.
  • Text message: You can have the text-message option for interacting with the clients. You can add text specialty into a button so that if they click on it, it will launch their default text message function on their phone or desktop.
  • Live chat: If you create an automated live-chat option, that will pop up automatically when a person tries to interact with you. It has the benefit of 24/7 accessibility.                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                               

7.Lead Generation Page

 To help your clients find your company, choose a tool that makes scheduling a consultation or sends emails on clients’ devices.

8.Privacy policy 

 Your privacy policy page is an important part. You should also display a cookie warning.

Top law firm websites ensure that their website loads fast and also focuses on some extra content like- 

9.Frequently asked questions

 Search some keywords in google, and google will tell you what most people ask about it. Then you can include this in your web development process. 


 Videos can create more connections to the person by creating a life-related environment through stories, documentaries, or pictures. 

Specify your actions

To get potential customers, you should be very clear about your actions. On the homepage, place a large headline in the center that will describe the type of actions and challenges you work with so that the clients get a brief idea about what types of solutions they might get consulting with your legal firm. 

Specifying your actions properly will help you to build a law firm website that will be your identity. Your actions will speak for themselves.  

Ensure your law firm website’s accessibility

Your law firm website should follow a custom law firm website design which means following the core law firm website design tips for gaining the perfect attention from visitors. 

But you have to be extra cautious about accessibility as not everyone can see text over images, links, or such items. The solution is to install a plugin so the users can change the contrast, text size, font line height, etc. 

Secure your site

Sometimes, you might wonder why your website is slowing or how to make your law firm website load faster. It might happen for security problems that should be handled by properly securing your legal firm’s website. 

You should have an SSL certificate to ensure that the chat between the website and clients is encrypted. You should inform the law firm’s website design services to have the proper security allowance for your website so that it is not hacked or any information does not get leaked. 

Use professional photos 

Your website should use professional photos of your legal team, partners, or attorney to avoid any neutral impression about your firm. can also add internal and external images of your firm’s physical office or of the place where it’s located. 

To build personal trust and connection with the clients, you should use professional images of each member of your law firm. You can also add internal and external images of your firm’s physical office or of the place where it’s located. 

Use a content management system

Updating the website is a regular duty, so the content management system will make the task easy for you. 

You might need to have the option of a customs law firm website design for handling particular customer demand, and sometimes you might get in trouble with what will be the best font for your law firm website or might want to change the previous font size, or change the theme or overall design when you need CMS. 

The most popular CMS is WordPress, which offers multifunctional services. Others are Wix, Joomla, Squarespace, and Drupal.

So, why a legal firm should have a website can be answered from the above necessary parts related to a successful legal firm. If you want to create a better relationship and get more and more clients, you will need to have a law firm website that represents your firm.

As you can see, it takes a lot of work to build a perfect website for a law firm. You can outsource this job to professional service providers who can do it for you. Here’s one of the best law firm website design portfolio we’ve found for you.

      Frequently Asked Questions 

1.Why is a law firm website required? 

 If you are running a law firm, your most precious party is the clients. Your first duty is to serve them properly. And for that, you need to know their needs, and they need to know about you. 

That means dual communication is needed for the proper service providing and taking. So, for this communication, a website is a great way. Websites offer various information about attorneys, previous cases, success stories, etc. So, the clients can easily get the law firm’s services, and thus, both parties benefit. 

2.What kind of pages should a law firm’s website contain? 

It depends on the range of information you want to provide clients. You can add up pages in an organized way. Your pages can be decorated according to various subject matter, such as Attorney’s information, case results information, address and contact information, Blogs, and many more. 

You can create each page for each subject. Also, you can create a customized law firm website by putting all the information your clients need and, according to those, what services you are providing.

3.Is CMS needed to build a law firm website?

A Content Management System is a great thing for making the website an attractive, understanding, and friendly medium for any person who wants to contact your law firm.

CMS will help you design your website depending on the cases you handle and the clients you deal with. So, CMS is really important for making your website better.  

4.What elements Make your law firm website more interesting? 

Relevant pictures and videos can be added. Professional pictures of your team and your office place will make the website more interesting.    

5.How to get the best law firm website design services?

You will need to do some research if you are wondering what service to choose for designing your firm’s website. But online-based research is very efficient. 

So, you don’t need to be tense about it. Just go to the web development service’s website. Learn about their various services and watch some of their sample works. If you think they can fill your requirements, hire them and get your work done! 



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