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What it Means to Be Involved in the SMS Marketing Community

Participating in SMS marketing means that your business uses SMS text messaging to connect with customers. It also looks like real community. Being involved in the SMS marketing community looks like business expansion, a wider audience, and more consistent customers. 

SMS Marketing Broken Down

SMS marketing is short for “short message service” which is a service that helps businesses connect to their customers. The term “short” refers to the length of messages which contain only 160 characters. SMS services are distinguished from email because the messages are significantly shorter and have a faster delivery time. 

The beauty of the market is its medium: text messages. Most people have access to a phone, and text messages are quick and easy to use. 

Advantages to SMS Messaging

On top of the fact that SMS messaging is fast and easy, you don’t need to be home at your computer to participate in texting. Your texts are right there in your pocket even when you are on the go. In addition to one-on-one texting conversations, you can send a message over a vast number of people. When you do this, it is referred to as broadcasting. This is when businesses send out messages containing discounts or promotion codes to their customers. You can also be selective in who you choose to include in broadcasting. It does not have to be a large group of people. 

Business Expansion

Now that you can see how SMS marketing is appealing to consumers, let’s talk about how being involved in the service can help your business. The average response rate for text message servicing is 45%. 54% of consumers receive at least one SMS message a day and 50% of US consumers receiving SMS messages turn around and make a direct purchase. 

As the amount of phone users are growing, and with SMS messaging being a valuable resource for businesses, we can see the potential this has for businesses everywhere. 

Start to implement SMS marketing into your business and watch your business expand. 

Wider Audience

SMS marketing has the potential to expand your business audience. All of the customers that could not be reached by forms of marketing like email have the potential to be reached with SMS messaging. This can cause significant growth in your audience and ultimately to your business. 

More Consistent Customers

With the right SMS marketing service you have the option to choose the audience you message. You could hand select a portion of your audience to send a personalized message to. When you do this, you are able to sift through your customers and discover the most loyal consumer. 

When you hone in on this target audience, send them a personalized message with a discount with that person in mind, they will want to make a purchase from your business. You will be able to gain more consistent customers. You may be wondering what service you should get involved in order to make this happen.

Real Community

Community is the best way to create personalized messages to customers which lead to real connection. Community is the easiest way to get involved in the SMS marketing world. What you will find with Community is: 

1) No algorithms.

This is good news. This means that Community does use robots to track consumer activity to influence the texts sent by a business. Each text is hand-crafted by a leader with the consumer in mind. 

2) No ads.

This is an advantage of Community. Ads can often be a distraction from the most crucial parts of a business. 

3) No spam

Since each message is hand-crafted, this means the business owner has complete control over how many messages are sent out. In contrast to mass emails, these are hand-written, personalized text messages. 

  1. 59% click rate.
  2. 95% open rate. 

Should You Consider SMS Marketing for Your Business?

Yes. You should consider SMS marketing for your business because it can expand your business, grow a wider audience, and create more consistent customers. When you are involved in SMS marketing, it can mean real community. After all, isn’t that the goal? To create a relationship with your customers, and keep them coming back? Community is the best way to create the real relationships you desire between your business and your customers. 

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