What is ZeroCarbon Project? – Reducing Carbon Emissions faster than Renewable Energy

ZeroCarbon aims to tackle climate change using the power of the blockchain. Renewable energy has done a great job in responding to the climate change. However, renewable energy is still too expensive for the average man.

The zero-carbon goal is to provide an immediate impact in the global release of carbon emission. They aim to make carbon-neutral energy process lower than fossil fuels. Their solution is to provide lower carbon prices, and customers earn incentives for helping to curtail the global consumption of energy.

ZeroCarbon is a platform that offers a list of ZeroCarbon energy contracts aimed at reducing carbon emissions, where energy consumers can access the market from the listed offers. The market consists of an online reverse auction for business consumers.

How ZeroCarbon Works

The ZeroCarbon Project has 2 parts

The first part of ZeroCarbon is to deliver energy at a lower price compared to the existing renewable and fossil fuels, especially where carbon emissions have been tampered with by international carbon credits.

Secondly, the blockchain economy based on the Energis token is designed to capture the future value of energy customers. Energy suppliers can use the Energis token to pay for transaction fees in the marketplace. Also as their consumer base increases, the demand for energis token will increase. They also intend to recycle 70% of the transaction fees that have been received by the ZeroCarbon Project. Energy consumers and suppliers can sell their tokens to other consumers.

The tokens will be traded on 3rd Party Cryptocurrency exchanges. Both suppliers and consumers will be able to use the token to reduce churn, win new businesses, tackle climate change and save money.

How ZeroCarbon Began

ZeroCarbon is a global energy business that will not only help clients to reduce their energy costs but will help the world to tackle climate change. Their services were established in 1999 with 30 of the energy consultants based in London. Their values are Quality, Innovation, and integrity.

The Zerocarbon project was established by a group of energy professionals. Team Of ZeroCarbon project work for Beond which is a carbon consultant company. They have served over 600 customers in the UK. Beond is an energy company based in London. The CEO of ZeroCarbon is Derek Myers; he started his career with Macquarie Bank. At this bank, he was involved in designing trading options and derivative products. Alastair Huston is also the MD of Beond. He worked in the energy sector for over 18 years.

How to be part of the ZeroCarbon Project.

One way you can join the ZeroCarbon project is by getting the Token. The token per price will be determined in the Token sale. The Token price will be the equivalent of USD 0.10 in ETH. The remaining 8,000,000 tokens sold in the token sale will be made available via the smart contract. Users will earn ZeroCarbon token when they participate in the energy carbon emission program. A smart contract will track user’s participation and reward them with tokens via the official website.

Users earn tokens through the reward for Zerocarbon consumption, transaction fees charged by the platform, recycled fees from reward pool, distributed available reward, and Multi-signature wallets.

Note that the Zerocarbon projects may undergo significant changes. Energies tokens have no ownership interest or governance rights. The Zerocarbon market is open source in nature. The market and the token sale require intensive significant computing resources and Losing control of your private key denies you access to your tokens.

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