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What is workforce planning and Why is it Important?

What is workforce planning and Why is it Important?

Your workforce is the backbone of your organization and so it is important to create a workforce that will fit right into your business requirements. And workforce planning is an efficient way of doing that. In simple terms, it is all about planning to hire the right number of employees with the required skills in the right positions. While it sounds simple, it is part of a comprehensive process that requires time and effort, intelligent HR planning, and strategic clarity. Every individual hired by the organization proves to be an asset to the company. Each organization must consider its mission, budgetary constraints, and skill set before creating a workforce.

For the magnanimity of workforce planning, organizations must use efficient and effective HR software that streamlines the entire process. While some of the most important aspects of workforce planning include workforce analysis, competency assessment, employee transition, and budget distribution and justification, workforce attendance is one of the primary factors that require attention. It is a process that regulates the attendance, working hours, in and out time, departures, break, etc. and ensures that there are no discrepancies.

Why your company needs employee attendance software.

All organizations must keep track of how their employees spend their office hours, especially for employees who work for clients or work on an hourly basis. It is important to make correct payments to all business associates and save precious time for the HR department tracking, managing, and regulating attendance.

Here are the reasons why your company needs employee attendance software

It increases accuracy: Automated software is efficient and accurate in storing information. This way, companies can reduce the possibility of human error.

Cost-effective: Employee attendance systems prove cost-effective in the long run as they regulate attendance and eliminate the chances of irregular timing, buddy-punching, absenteeism, tardiness, time abuse, etc.

Increases productivity: When automated processes are implemented for doing time-consuming processes, they free up the HR department for doing other HR planning tasks

Reports and insights: An efficient attendance system will provide detailed reports about employees’ working hours, work patterns, and productivity reports that organizations can use to utilize their workforce better. This results in strategic workforce planning.

Most efficient ways to track attendance

Tracking employee attendance is one of the key elements of workforce planning that can help companies create a work environment that is organized, productive, efficient, and regulated. If your employee attendance is in place, you can ensure that the employees utilise their working hours to do productive work and not misuse the freedom.

Here are the best ways to track attendance

Anytime, anywhere attendance with a mobile system

A mobile attendance system is an on-to-go attendance program that allows employees to check in and check out from anywhere. This system is especially effective for employees who spend a majority of their time on the field. With this system in place, they won’t have to come to the office to mark their attendance, thus increasing productivity.

Get detailed attendance report with card swipe system

This automatic attendance tracking system consists of a swipe machine where employees punch in and punch out daily. The system automatically records their attendance and creates a comprehensive database of their daily in and out time. The companies can then utilize this data to analyze how their employees are performing in terms of productivity.

Monitor unauthorized clock-outs and breaks

Untimely breaks and unauthorized check-outs reduce an employee’s productivity and efficiency, ultimately affecting the company’s performance. Employee attendance systems can track this and the defaulters can be identified with the available data.

No more buddy punching with a photo identification system

Advanced attendance systems are integrated with a camera or electronic photo identification system to ensure employees punch in and punch out for themselves. The buddy punching malpractice can be stopped with this system.

GPS enabled location tracking

This is especially effective for employees who work on the field or remotely. A GPS-enabled system will ensure that they are at a location they are supposed to be during working hours. You will track their location when they check-in and check-out helping you with strategic workforce planning.

Real-time tracking

Instead of getting a report at the end of the month and realizing that certain employees have defaulted, real-time tracking systems enable you to track their movements and attendance in real-time across locations. You can log on to the app and see where your employees are to enforce workforce planning effectively.

Workforce planning is a vast area that needs expertise, strategic planning, smart implementation, and comprehensive forecasting of how the workforce will behave and be managed well. And one of the most important aspects of workforce planning is employee attendance. Without a systematic attendance program in place, the employees might take undue advantage of the loopholes and negatively impact the company’s performance. But strategic workforce planning will ensure that your online attendance system is in place and your employees do what they are supposed to during working hours. And Carbonate provides an effective and well-integrated online attendance system that will free you from irregularities and absenteeism.

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