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What is WhatsApp for iPad?

As we all know WhatsApp is one of the biggest social media platforms nowadays. This is one of the most used platforms on which users connect to their friends, family, and relatives without hesitation. Users trust WhatsApp and its company because the privacy offered by this platform is very advanced. There are thousands of reasons why this application it’s so famous in the world world, that is why there are many alternatives available like GBWhatsApp, using this you can use multiple WhatsApp accounts on the same device. The first one is this is a free-to-use platform and everyone can enjoy chatting on this platform. The second is that you do not need a lot of documentation to use this platform you just have to enter your mobile number.

What Is WhatsApp for Ipad?

As we all know there are two types of operating systems that we are having in our smartphones. The first and the most used is the Android system and the second is the iOS system. When you download the WhatsApp platform from App Store on an Apple device then you will find out that there is no such difference between both versions. They have similarities in both operating systems this application is free to use. So you do not need to worry if you are having iOS device also because you can connect to your family, friends, and relatives without paying any money.

When was WhatsApp started?

WhatsApp was started by 2 ex-employees of Yahoo company. They resign from their job because they want to do something great. That’s why they work together and in January 2009 they launched the WhatsApp platform world widely. People show great love to this platform and as much as time passes it becomes one of the most used social media platforms. then in 2014, Facebook purchased the WhatsApp platform. At the time Facebook was also one of the biggest platforms in terms of social media. Then people get to know more about WhatsApp and they start downloading it at that time this platform gets highlighted in the eye of every user. And as of now, more than two billion users are using this platform from 180 + countries.

What is WhatsApp used for Ipad?

As we all know iPad also works on the iOS operating system. And when you download the WhatsApp platform on iPad you will find out everything similar to the WhatsApp you download on iPhones. It is a very smooth experience when you access your WhatsApp account on iPad because there will be the largest screen. There will be no such difference because all the things are the same like you have to enter your mobile number to access this platform. After that, it will become a very easy process to chat with your friends, family, and relatives. There is another way to use WhatsApp on your iPad without downloading the application. you just have to go to Safari and search for WhatsApp web.

Which WhatsApp is used for iPhone?

To download the WhatsApp platform on iPhone you have to visit the app store. There will be no such difference and both WhatsApp for IOS and WhatsApp for Android. because you will get both of these platforms free to use. Just download the application from Play Store or App store and your mobile number and after verifying it your WhatsApp account is ready to use. But if you are using an older version of an iPhone and have a version less than IOS 8 then you cannot use the WhatsApp platform on your smartphone. You must have more than IOS 8 version. Because in less than IOS 8 the verification process does not take place because of the older version.

What is WhatsApp Web?

WhatsApp web is a method by which you can access your WhatsApp on any device without downloading the application. This method is specially used in the window and PC by the users so that they can access their WhatsApp account on their laptop and pc device. The process is very simple you just have to search for WhatsApp web. After that, you have to scan the barcode that will be on your screen. and after successful scanning, your WhatsApp account will be on your PC. There are many times when we cannot download applications for any other operating systems at the time this method can be used.

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