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What is the salary of CCIE?

CCIE Payroll, Cisco CCIE Payroll, well, hese two terms have received a lot of searches on OrhanErgun.Net recently. A lot of individuals have also asked me how much money they could make each month if they passed the Cisco CCIE practical/lab exam. You may find out more about the CCIE Course’s curriculum, success stories, and registration on this page. I suppose there are several factors that affect the answer. Given that readers from all around the world will read this post, it is essential to provide some background information. You should be aware of some information surrounding the CCIE certification before talking about dependencies.

Compared to CCDE, the Cisco CCIE Certified has been mentioned as a job requirement for many years, thus recruiter are much more experienced with it. There are tens of thousands of them worldwide, particularly those with the Cisco CCIE Routing and Switching certification, which has been renamed the Cisco CCIE Enterprise Infrastructure certificate. I made the claim that a variety of factors influence CCIE salaries at the beginning of his article. They are typically


  • Country
  • Position
  • Changing the company
  • Experience in years


These are my views; no doubt, there are more factors that could influence the CCIE’s pay. Even if you are a CCIE and work as a technical specialist (not a manager or C level), you can only anticipate making up to 3500 USD on aggregate in Turkey, hence the location is vital. Even if you are a CCIE and work as a technical specialist (not a manager or C level), you can only anticipate making up to 3500 USD on aggregate in Turkey, hence the location is vital. (Although there are several nations in Africa, on average, earnings are nearly uniform across the continent.)

As I mentioned before, the role is crucial since, while a technical worker in Turkey can likely earn approximately 2500 USD, a management in, say, an IT company might make closer to 6000 USD. This would cost between 2500 and 27,000 USD in GCC countries. I won’t include the CCIE pay in every nation here, but at the engineering level, the CCIE pay ranges from 6000 to 12000 USD in Canada, the United States, Australia, and Singapore. I’m aware of the following nations. These are actual figures gleaned from our worldwide conversations with students.

Furthermore, people who work in design and architecture often make more money than those who work in operations. Therefore, if you are a Cisco CCDE rather than a Cisco CCIE, you can expect to make more money. Changing companies: If you’ve worked for a company for some time, obtaining a CCIE will steadily increase your compensation. Many of my fellow students who passed the Cisco CCIE exam changed careers.

The number of years of experience is crucial, too. For more relevant info, here is article source for you.

Even if you can have ten years’ experience, it’s possible that you did all of your time’s work for the same employer. You passed the CCIE exam despite having insufficient domain expertise.

The hiring managers, on the contrary hand, would like a prospect with ten years of experience who has been a consultant and built several networks spanning various sectors (such as enterprises, service providers)


Considering on your country, employment, decades of experience, and if you stay with the same employer on passing the exam, the CCIE remuneration might range from 2500 USD to 25,000 USD. We SPOTO can assist you in passing the CCIE exam as we have already done so for thousands of our students over the past few years. For more info, browse around this web-site.

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