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What is the Role of the Headhunter in 2022?

Exercising his function within recruitment firms, the headhunter is at the service of companies. It is responsible for providing managers with exceptional profiles. Regardless of the geographic location or availability of the valuable candidate, the headhunter is able to convince him to commit to the company. 

The headhunter: His daily life 

The headhunter practices a permanent watch to find a sharp and atypical profile in order to meet the requirements of his client. To carry out a mission, the headhunter works with the help of the human resources department. It is mainly a question for him of apprehending the details related to the position to be filled. 

Then, he identifies the profiles that may correspond to the position and takes care of mapping. In the profession, the direct approach is the preferred method for getting in touch with the previously selected manager. The other methods used are cooptation and e-recruitment.  Subsequently, all of the headhunter’s actions go in the direction of persuading the candidate. Convince the candidate, generally already in office, to become an employee of the company. 

Headhunter and recruiter: Difference

For a recruitment operation, the recruiter posts advertisements to administrations, in the press and on the Internet. It is therefore up to the candidate interested in the ad to approach the recruiter and assert himself.  The headhunter, on the other hand, already knows everything there is to know about a potential candidate. He compares the skills of the candidate with the profile of the position and makes direct contact with the latter corresponding to the profile sought.

The particularity of the headhunter is its ability to put a company in contact with the right framework for particularly demanding positions.  More than 20% of hires are made through headhunting firms. Thanks to their perfect knowledge of the job market, they know where to find the right candidate. 

To meet the expectations of business leaders, the headhunter uses social networks to expand their connections in the world. In addition, the networks allow him to make himself known. Having a sharp mind allows the headhunter to use the best arguments in process of fractional CFO recruitment to present the opportunity as unique and irrefutable.

The evolution of the profession

The success of the headhunting profession with organizations means that today there are freelance recruiters. Moreover, e-recruitment has undergone a remarkable evolution in recent years. An increase of 81% from 2010 to 2011 according to a study carried out by the headhunting and recruitment firm Oasis Consultants.


Social networks are above all monitoring and credibility tools for the headhunter. Professional platforms such as LinkedIn or Twitter make it possible to refine searches to find the ideal profile among thousands. 

Artificial intelligence is an innovative technology that saves time during the research process. As part of the recruitment of a financial director for example, we can instruct an AI (Artificial Intelligence) to make a selection of profiles corresponding to this position on the Internet. A preliminary basis for the profile to be studied is thus obtained. It saves time and resources. The job of headhunter is in perpetual evolution and makes it possible to effectively meet the requirements of the job market. The recruiter is an artist who connects companies with profiles capable of keeping it competitive.

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