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What is the Plot of Tekken 3 Game?

By reading this article, you will get to know the plot of Tekken 3 game. Tekken 3 retains the same basic combat system and concept as its predecessors. 3D action is unimportant in previous Tekken games (aside from the unique aspects of some characters and dribbling moves). Get to know more about the plot of Tekken 3 in the official site.

Fighters now jump at a more reasonable height than in previous games, which makes them less bulky and more useful for dribbling, because jumping can’t block every ground attack. New improvements include faster recovery from knockouts, more dodging tackles and stuns more moves with juggling, and a redesigned throw combo.

The plot of Tekken 3

Tekken 3 features a beat-em-up mini-game called “Tekken Force”, which pits the player against enemies in various stages in a side-scrolling style. The concept was expanded into a minigame for Tekken 4, and the setting for the Devil’s inside campaign in Tekken 5. Tekken 3 emphasizes the third axis by allowing characters to move into or out of the background.

Another mini-game called “Taken Ball” is similar to beach volleyball, where the player has to hit. A ball with a powerful attack to crush an opponent, or a penalty kick to damage the ball by falling into the opponent’s field.

Tekken 3 Characters

There are 21 characters in total in the arcade version. Since the game takes place 20 years after Tekken 2, only six characters from the previous version are brought back, and the rest are new. Unlike the previous two games, the character selection screen shows all the characters at once rather than hiding some characters from the screen and requires players to swipe across the screen to select them.

The console version includes two new characters, Dr. Boskonwick and John, and the arcade version also features Anna Williams, Nina Williams’ switchboard, a distinctive character with her own moves, soundtrack, and ending.

There’s also a non-playable enemy, Crow, which you only encounter during the Tekken Force minigame. The console version has only 10 characters available by default, the rest are unlocked by meeting various conditions.

Tekken 3 Game Modes

The game includes two new game modes:

Tekken Ball: Here the player plays a game of beach volleyball by using kicks and punches to deflect the ball towards his opponent. There are three balls to choose from in the mode, there is no need to unlock, but the device itself must be unlocked.

Beach Ball is listed as Beginner and deals 60% damage, Gum Ball is listed as Expert and deals 80% damage, and Iron Ball is listed as Grandmaster and deals 100% damage.

Tekken Force: The player takes on a select character through a side-scrolling mini-game, and fights against an army of Tekken Force in four stages. At the end of each stage, there is a lead character in the playable list.

The coach that the player fights in each stage depend on the character the player chooses, except for the fourth stage where the boss is Heihachi Mishima. If the player can beat the mini-game four times, then Dr. Bosconovic becomes a playable character (as he has already lost). The situation continued in Tekken 4 and in Tekken 5 behind the Demon mini-game.

Changes in Tekken 3 Game

Perhaps the most obvious change from Tekken 2’s combat system is the improvement in movement – while the element of depth was largely unimportant in previous Tekken games (aside from the unique aspects of some of the characters and dodge moves), Tekken 3 emphasized the third axis.

All characters move to or out of the background by lightly pressing the arcade stick in the corresponding direction (or clicking the console button on the console version). Another major change in the movement was the reduction of jumps, which allows fighters not to jump to high altitudes (as in previous games), but to jump at reasonable and realistic heights.

This made aerial combat more controllable and more use of dribbling, as the jump was no longer a universal evasive movement that hovered over all ground motion. In addition, the improved engine allowed for faster recoveries from knockouts, and more dodging tackles and stuns.

It improved juggling performance (many old moves had changed parameters, allowing them to engage in combo situations they could), where they couldn’t connect (games previous) and newly created additional combo throws.

Final Words

This was all about the plot of Tekken 3 game. Nobuyoshi Sano and Keiichi Okabe wrote music for Tekken 3 for the arcade version, along with Hiroyuki Kawada, Minamo Takahashi, Yuu Miyake, Yoshie Arakawa, and Hideki Tobeta along with the PlayStation version featuring additional themes by the musicians themselves. Now you know very much about this game. Hope you like this article and it has given you everything that you need to know about Tekken 3 game.

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