What is the number of HAWK tokens that exist?

Not every token represents monetary or a valuable currency. Tokens can are used in many ways. For instance, hawk tokens provide users with access to decentralized payment systems. Some hawk tokens work as tickets or coupons. The hawk token is a type of token that stands in for an original data. Tokens contain real data. Much digital payment system uses tokens including cryptocurrencies, Apply pay square and credit card companies.

Crypto hawk tokens are ERC-20 tokens. The tokens can also be called altcoins. Altcoins are coins that exist on their platform. For instance, the crypto hawk platform is built on the Ethereum platform that means the platform uses ERC-20 tokens.

ERC-20 tokens are the most popular form of tokens that exist on the blockchain platform. This is the standard tokens that live on the Ethereum blockchain. ERC represent Ethereum request for comment under 20. Developers around the world create the Tokens. Developers built tokens with code and published it on the Ethereum blockchain. Hawk tokens form a new protocol in the company. There are many ways to tell if a token is ERC- 20, because even though more tokens are built on the Ethereum blockchain. Some tokens are not. Some tokens are built on another platform like waves, Nxt, and many coins exist on their chain-like Litecoin and Bitcoins, and Zcash.

There are different types of tokens. for example, The Active token versus the passive token. The passive token acts as money in a system. The tokens collect rent or hold value. Passive tokens include game credits, virtual currency, poker ships, or flyer miles. A passive token could even represent a piece of land.

A fee paying token: an example of a fee-paying token is bitcoins. The currency operates as a payment system that exists on the blockchain network.

Active token: This token can be used to accomplish things. They are called tradable API keys. An active token allows you to board an airplane, vote, collect a tax refund, or cross a border.

Smart tokens are tokens that manage and maintain all the tokens. This is not yet common but might become common in the future.

Tokens supply

Tokens are either unlimited or limited in number

The unlimited tokens represent the value of a portfolio of cryptocurrencies. An example of an unlimited token is a poker chip. Poker chips have a fixed price hence their supply is unlimited.

Limited tokens are usually divisible. This type of tokens interest investors.  A limited supply token is not a factor store of value. It can lead to volatility and speculation. Hawk tokens are limited in supply. The duration of hawk token ICO will last until the hard cap is reached. Users will be able to receive 10.000 hawks for one Ethereum. Also, users will be able to invest in other cryptocurrencies using the hawk token. After the ICO one-third of the token will remain with the company for protection. The number of tokens is limited to the crowd sale amount and can’t be expanded later.


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