What Is the Metaverse?


For the first time, the term Metaverse appeared in the science fiction novel “Snow Disaster”, the author of which is Neal Stevenson. However, at first, the concept of a three-dimensional virtual space, which covers many aspects of life, was perceived as fiction. This was the case until the advent of virtual and augmented reality technologies, as well as blockchain, decentralized governance, and other apps. Now it’s only a matter of time before every major company creates its meta-universe. Facebook is already on the threshold of this, and the expressive name of the company Meta very clearly outlines this path.

The most interesting examples of Metaverses

The metaverse is not something abstract, because we already see many vivid examples of how it works. VR, AR, and web3 are the prerequisites on which metaverses are actively developing. Foremost, we see this in the example of many games, although well-known corporations are also not against being the first to implement this concept. All of us are already active users of three-dimensional meta-worlds. The Define company develops such solutions for those who are ready to try all the advantages.

In addition to Meta (Facebook), which most actively broadcasts this approach in the development of its services, we can also understand what it is and how it works with the following examples:

  • Epic Games is the same company that released the super successful Fortnite product.
  • Teams platform from Microsoft.
  • A VR/AR headset developed by Apple.
  • Roblox is a mega-successful example of a metaverse platform where users play games created by other users. In the US, more than half of teenagers under the age of 16 actively play Roblox, including the simulator Adopt Me and the role-playing game Brookhaven.

And it’s not a complete list of brilliant examples of successful metaverses. You can also mention the virtual space world HyperVerse or the game for soccer fans So rare.

Video games are what metaverse development company Define is currently working on most often. However, the growing popularity of cryptocurrencies and NFTs lays the economic foundation for online interaction and makes metaverses commonplace in a wide variety of fields.

For example, we can already attend virtual concerts, create interactive sites and step-by-step make metaverses closer to each user.

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