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What is the Herkimer diamond? Moreover, how do you know it is real?

Herkimer diamond

Despite what its name indicates, the truth is that it is not a real diamond piece. The Herkimer diamond is a mineral belonging to the quartz family, found precisely in the Herkimer region, New York, United States. This variety of quartz has a double pyramidal termination. It has high crystalline energy. Also it is a short, beautiful stone. It usually has inclusions of various substances such as hydrocarbons and other minerals.

Is it a natural diamond?

No. It belongs to the quartz family. It is a quartz stone. We call it a Herkimer diamond as it shapes, cuts, and shines like a genuine diamond. Anyone can pass it off as a diamond. So, be careful. On the other hand, there are varieties of lookalike quartz similar to Herkimer diamond. However, they are fake, not of genuine quality, belong to Pakistan, China, etc.

You cannot differentiate if you do not know how to identify a genuine Herkimer diamond from a fake one. You have to be very careful not to fall victim to a scam. There are ways to know if the stone is a natural Herkimer diamond. To learn more, you should visit Innervision Crystals about how to tell if a Herkimer diamond is real.


How do you differentiate?

Herkimer diamonds are not diamonds at all. They are quartz crystals that differ from other stones by parameters that apply only to Herkimer crystals. At first glance, it can be tough to differentiate a Herkimer crystal from an ordinary quartz crystal. Still, careful examination and familiarity with the qualities of the diamond will make identification easier.


Step 1: Authentication of origin

Familiarize yourself with the origin of Herkimer diamonds to avoid confusion with common quartz crystals. Crystals with similar compositions have been mined in Arizona, Argentina, Ukraine, China, and Norway. A reliable supplier can tell you the origin of the stone. If you are trying to buy a genuine Herkimer diamond, only buy crystals that have been mined in the state of New York.


Step 2: Know the finishes

Examine the ends of your stone and look for two different termination points. Herkimer diamonds finish naturally on both ends of the rock, forming a diamond-shaped stone with an average of eighteen facets and two fortunes. While an ordinary diamond or quartz stone must be cut and polished to shape, most Herkimer stones require minimal effort to bring out their brilliance according to CTN News.


Step 3: is there any supernatural force?

Observe any supernatural force that may emanate from your Herkimer diamond. Those who believe in the healing energy of stones claim that Herkimer crystals are the strongest of quartz crystals. Although by no means a foolproof test, see if your Herkimer crystal is stronger in rituals or meditations than a standard crystal.


In the end

This crystal has unlimited power to bring back positive vibes, thus improving your business, social, love, and work-life. It is sometimes sold as a natural diamond in the market since its resemblance is relatively high. However, a good connoisseur of precious and semi-precious stones will be able to distinguish between quartz and a genuine diamond. Always prefer to buy from a reputed Herkimer diamond or Herkimer crystal dealer.


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