What is the HAWK Token and what can I do with it?

Generally, tokens are used as an exchange for something else. In cryptocurrency, the work tokens are used to describe any digital assets where Ether is a token. A Token is also used to describe a unit of value. Just like the U.S dollars, cryptocurrency tokens represent value, but they are valueless themselves.

Tokens refer to the fact that the transfer, storage, and creation of cryptocurrencies use strings of data. In this sense, tokes are sent through the internet when transactions exist as entries on a given ledger. A token also refers to a digital asset that is built on another platform like the ERC 20 tokens. The main token on the Ethereum platform is Ether.

Tokens also can represent a utility token. For instance, HAWK tokens are utility tokens because they allow you to carry out specific functions which are, making payments. Some other tokens allow you to have access to a specific amount of cloud storage.

Some tokens are transferable while others are non-transferrable. A token that allows you to pick your kids from school would be a temporary transferrable token. Some tokens allow you to rent a hotel room or a car. Some other tokens come with a market price, while some tokens do not have a market price. Tokens are unique because they can be traded securely and cheaply on the blockchain platform. Hawk tokens are called tokens today, but in few years time, hawk tokens will become tickers, stock shares, loans, and reservations. In 20 years from now, all the hawk tokens will exist on a shared ledger with fewer intermediaries.

There are two sale structure of a token

The presale structure: The HAWK token presale exceeds $20 million. CryptoHawk tokens have succeeded in building momentum for their ICO. They also offer a 10 – 20% discount for eager buyers.

Central sales: hawk sales are scheduled to hold for a 4-week period. Each week begins with a discount. Most people will start buying hawk tokens at the end of the discount period. The price of ether will fluctuate this month. Investors of the ICO will be rewarded with a hawk token.

Every token carries value. Some tokens carry the ownership of a gram of gold stored in a vault. Some other tokens are designed to tokenise and trade assets. However, the token itself must carry the payload in the comment fields. For instance, in bitcoins, people started adding real data to represent their specific assets.

Hawks tokens can easily be exchanged on the platform.  Owners will be able to receive a portion of profit for participation. Every user that purchases hawk tokens will receive voting rights and the more rights; a user has the more opportunity that user has to become a decision maker. HAWK tokens are used to give points to investors in an exclusive way.  

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