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What is the best time of year if you want to buy a car

What is the best time of year if you want to buy a car

When buying a car, most people think of the right moment to make this purchase. Knowing the best time to buy a car can mean getting the better deal and saving money. To help you make the best price Texas Title loans experts have made a record of the most favorable moments when purchasing the vehicle is more affordable.


As most people interested in buying vehicles are at work on Mondays, the car dealers and salesman are content to see a customer at their doors in this moment of lacking shoppers. On a day of reduced interest, sellers usually are willing to make a compromise for the purchases to gain any profit on those days like a Monday. Therefore, as the sellers are focused on the lack of customers, Mondays are a great time to take advantage and get the concession. A car dealer might offer you a discount, or free items such as motor oil or carwash.

End of the year, month, or model year

When it comes to the best months to purchase the car October, November, and December are favorable ones. This occurs as most car dealers have the sale quotes they have to meet. The sale quotes usually break down into monthly, quarterly, and yearly goals. However, at the end of the year, these three goals come together. These periodic sections might

Bring simulations, incentives, and bonuses for dealers, so they might be highly motivated to achieve the sale.

Regarding the model year, it`s good to know that most car manufacturers release new car models in the fall. Of course, this is not a rule but usual practice, but still, there are exceptions. However, it can be useful to research the desired car model and its release day. If you are interested in purchasing an older model, research and wait for the day when the newest version of the model will be released.


Holidays usually imply sales and discounts. Those particularly great making a car purchase are:

Black Friday – Black Friday is the Friday after Thanksgiving and is considered the largest sale event of the year. The car market also joins sales just like every other retail industry. Besides the offers that car manufacturers provide, you might find even better deals from a salesman.

Presidents day – As the first few months of the year tend to be weak with customer activities because most customers have already spent their funds on the Christmas holidays, you can get a good car price deal on President’s day and weekend as manufacturers tend to spur the after-Christmas spending.

Memorial day – Although summer is considered the most expensive period of the year for car prices, dealers tend to cut the high prices on Memorial day. As a new versions of the models often trickle out around the middle of the year, the prices of the existing models on the lot tend to reduce. However, this usually means possibilities of the crowd, as the other potential buyers looking to score start-of-the-summer deals in the late spring.

Forth July – Many car sellers provide deals in celebration of American Independence. However, if you are not in a hurry and can wait till the autumn, you should be patient and get a better deal that comes with sales at the end of the year.

Labor day – For retailers, labor day is the unofficial end of summer and the official start of the sale season. Estimations are that Labor day week performs more than 2% of all new car sales than throughout the entire year.

New Year’s Eve – Like Black Friday, New Year Ever brings significant discounts and offers. Additionally, as the end of the yea,r approaches, many dealers want to meet their sales goals and gain bonuses by fulfilling their monthly, quarterly, or yearly quotes, and therefore are willing to offer great deals for you to make a purchase.


Depending on the moment you have decided to buy a car, waiting for the right moment can take some time are require patience. However, you can afford to wait and you are not in an emergency waiting for a right moment can maximize your saving.

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