What Is the Best Size for Ecommerce Product Images

What attracts customers to an online shop or eCommerce site? Well, good product images catch the attraction most. When the product images are eye-catching and are of good quality, it’s obvious that people will run towards them.

If you think of an eCommerce site which has poor quality product images and you cannot observe the product enough by glancing at it, you will lose interest. That is why product images matter. 

Now, what makes an image first-rate? Besides the photography skill, editing quality and proper image size are essential for a great image. So, what is the best size for eCommerce product images? As you know there may be several types of images in an eCommerce site. 

So, you must know the size of these types of images before uploading them on your site. Let’s check it out in detail.

Understanding Image Size

What does image size mean? Does it mean image file size or image pixel dimensions? In an eCommerce site, image size means the dimension that means the width and height of an image. 

You will know how large or little the image is by looking at the image size. In a website, separated colored squares as pixels are used to measure image size. These colored squares are solid color and a digital image is made of numerous tiny squares. 

Well, as you know the meaning of image size, now it’s time to know the best size for an image. For editing the size, you need to learn the way or you can rely on an eCommerce image editing service provider. There are several providers who serve image editing services.

For example, Clipping Way is one of the best image editing service providers. You will get a premium look for your product and achieve your target. Experts will handle your product images carefully at only $0.25 Per Photo.

The Best Size for Ecommerce Product Images

Though you can use any size of product images that fits your website perfectly, it cannot always bring traffic. You have to keep in mind that, by any means, you want more traffic as well as more sales.

A product image needs to be uploaded in such a way that it can catch maximum traffic. As online stores are mostly based on product image, if the images aren’t of the best size and quality, people won’t choose it. A small, blurry image cannot get enough attention even if the product has great quality.

In an eCommerce site, you will find thumbnails, normal product images and zoom photos of a product. Each of them requires a different size. So, which image requires what size? See below!

For Thumbnail Use Small Size 

For highlighting the prime features like product color, shape, and design, a small-sized image is suitable. A 200 x 200 or 100 x 200 pixels size image is referred to as small size. Also, by clicking on a thumbnail, buyers can see the full image. 

For Product Pages Use Medium Size 

For an eCommerce site product page, product images have to be high-quality. For this image optimization is necessary. However, the product page requires a medium size image which is usually 800 x 800 or 640 x 640 pixels.

A medium sized image normally shows the product from different angles like front, back, underneath, side, etc. 

For Zoom Photos Use Large Size 

To show the detail such as fabrics, unique pattern, color, and texture a zoom image is necessary. You need to capture zoom images under a proper lighting framework by a specific camera.

Usually, the size of zoom photos are 1000 x 1000 or 800 x 800 pixels and you can see a specific portion of the product clearly in these images. For advertising, a large size photo works as a dope. 

People get to know the actual quality by watching these images and get a realistic idea. This type of pictures are often used for commercial shots of premium fashion brands. Also, jewelry products, leather bags, vintage brand products can be observed closely in a zoom image.

Buyers get thrilled while watching these attractive images on social sites and cannot resist buying them.

Select a Fixed Size For All of the Product Images

While uploading product images, you should be careful of the size. You must select a fixed size to upload every product image in your site. Using several sized images will make your eCommerce site messy while a constant sized image will make it look elegant. As a result, your business will run smoothly.

Restrictions of Different Platform 

Till now you have known about the best size of an eCommerce product image but there are some eCommerce platforms who have some restrictions. You cannot upload any size image on these sites. 

For example, if a site restricts the image size to 400 x 400 pixels, you cannot upload any oversize image there. If you upload an image of a size more than this limit, the image will automatically reduce to the maximum limit of 400 x 400.

Shopify supports photos up to 2048 x 2048 pixels and it recommends image size to be 1024 x 1024 pixels. Other eCommerce sites like LightSpeed’s Point of Sale application, Magento, Yahoo! Merchant Solutions, Wix, etc. have different restrictions about image size. 

Final words

Images are the main tool for an eCommerce business and it can promote the product accordingly. For a successful businessman, one should follow the quality of images. The image quality and size are equally important for your website. To increase traffic and sales, product images have to be top quality. As you now know what is the best size for eCommerce product images, you can apply this knowledge for your site. You can optimize the product images by  eCommerce image editing service providers at an affordable rate. This will indeed increase your sales as well as catch people’s interest. However, if you have further query, don’t hesitate to ask.


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